How CBD oil can help you quit smoking

June 13, 2019 4 min read

How CBD oil can help you quit smoking

Harmful habits that cause addiction are usually difficult to overcome considering the level of addictiveness in the patient. While most of the addicts refuse to take any precautions for recovering from the harmful habit, it is due to the fact that the procedure of tapering off is extremely frustrating as well as torturous for the patient. What if, we tell you that there is a natural ingredient from which a medicine is made that needs to be consumed daily for naturally getting rid of the addiction without causing any side effects? Well, that’s certainly possible.

Smoking is one of the dangerous habits that are adopted by people of all age groups regardless of the gender as well. Some people smoke due to the peer pressure while some do it for feeling mentally relaxed because nicotine is supposed to release dopamine in the brain cells which allows the consumer to stay calm and composed despite the frustrations and worries. While smoking is extremely difficult to quit, it can be done with the help of effective natural remedies that are not only useful but also allow to get rid of the habit for the lifetime.

Why is smoking harmful to the health?

A regular cigarette contains about 12mg of nicotine that is enough to damage the internal body systems and parts. While a lot of the people know the facts and figures about the harmful effects of nicotine, they still choose to do it because either it is impossible (according to them) or expensive to get the medical care for it. Otherwise, some people choose to smoke because of extreme addiction that they don’t want to get rid of, by choice. Nicotine and tar when mixed together not only damage the lungs but also the heart as well.

Regular chain smokers are likely to get a heart stroke or lung cancer kind of the diseases as compared to the non-smokers. This is why it is extremely important to quit this habit as soon as possible without creating many side effects that are otherwise difficult to bear too, such as seizures, depression, and anxiety.

How does the CBD oil help in quitting tobacco?

As mentioned above, smoking should be quit without having to bear extreme difficulties in the form of mental stress. This is where the CBD oil plays its effective role by helping the smoker in getting rid of the harmful habit in minimum time and without any side effects. In fact, the properties of the CBD oil are such that the smoker that doesn’t feel that he/she is quitting and doesn’t feel the urge to smoke just after some time of its consumption.

Here is how CBD helps in quitting smoking:

1. Nicotine contains the effects of dopamine, a pleasure cell in the brain receptors that enter the brain when a person smokes. This way, they get naturally pleased by it and tend to be mentally relaxed and composed.

2. When consumed, CBD oil produces natural endocannabinoid present in our body because of which dopamine gets released which fulfills the urge of smoking.

3. CBD has the same effects of smoking due to which it is easy to quit without feeling burdened or mentally stressed.

4. Also, when CBD oil fulfills the needs to smoke, even the regular chain smokers don’t feel like smoking because they don’t feel the need to it.

5. When CBD oil enters the body, it immediately starts creating its effect on the nervous system that allows the smoker to mentally relax without any restriction, unlike the other procedures of quitting i.e. therapy or medicines.

The research and experiments

According to the latest research on the effects of CBD oil for quitting smoking, a test was carried out according to which the patient was a regular smoker and was given few drips of CBD oil on a daily basis. As a result of which, the CBD oil starting showing the positive outcome in the form of the patient not wanting to smoke despite the exposure to it. This was a really successful attempt at creating a beneficial impact of CBD oil to help people in understanding its supreme benefits because of which smoking could be easily quit without having to bear dangerous side effects.

Mental stability is as important as physical health because someone who is mentally unstable cannot perform well in the daily tasks. This is why it is important to quit smoking through a reliable and natural procedure that does not give birth to another problem such as addiction to harmful medicines.

How is CBD oil consumed?

Oil is usually applied to the affected area to get relief from pain etc. However, the CBD oil is supposed to taken orally by putting a few drops into the mouth. This is the best and suggested way of consuming CBD oil. Some other ways of CBD oil consumption include dabbing, spraying, and in the form of edibles such as cheese and dairy products. However, the most effective method of all is direct consumption through the mouth that has a quick and speedy impact on the brain receptors.

What is the long-lasting effect of CBD?

The long-lasting effect of CBD remains until around 5 months of its consumption which means that once the person does not finally feel the need to smoke, he/she can stop using it on personal preference. However, if after 5 months, the person again feels the urge to smoke then the CBD oil course can be started again. Anyhow, the CBD consumption should be made regularly in our lives because of infinite benefits including pain relief, cancer protection, and dealing with neurological disorders.

CBD is mostly confused with THC, another component of the strain of the cannabis plant that is a psychoactive ingredient responsible for making people high. However, while both CBD and THC belong to the same plant, there is a huge difference between the two in terms of benefits and side effects. This is why the CBD oil is the safest and most reliable natural remedy to help in quit smoking.

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