Quality Control

Your Safety and Quality Guarantee

We prioritise your safety and our product quality by ensuring that all our products are produced in compliance with the highest industry standards and subsequently undergo a thorough testing process both internally and externally before they reach the market.

Clean and Safe Products

Our products undergo an extensive testing process, which includes separate internal and external analyses for, among other things:

  • Cannabinoid profile tested with gas chromatography (Test results)
  • Microbial life, mould, heavy metals, and chemical residues.

This provides full insight into what our products contain – and most importantly – what they do not contain.

You can be completely confident that our products meet strict requirements for content of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, nutrients - and are completely free from genetically modified products, pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers, and other dangerous pollutants.

Internal and External Quality Control

Every single production batch is tested both internally and externally in Swiss laboratories that specialise in testing and analysing cannabis products using recognised testing methods and equipment.

We also use external laboratories to verify our results and confirm that the hemp and biomass used in the production process have high potency and are free from content of heavy metals, pesticide residues, fertilisers, etc.

The independent third-party verification process ensures that each product has the optimal cannabinoid profile and terpene content levels. So far, we have never had a single product that has failed a verification test in a third-party laboratory.

Guaranteed Ingredient Levels

We guarantee that you get what you order - and never less.

When we state 5% CBD content on the product label, you can be certain that it contains at least 5% cannabidiol (CBD) and never less. 5% CBD content means 5% cannabidiol (CBD) and not just 2% CBD plus 3% CBDa content.

We decarboxylate our full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils to a level of approximately 95% to retain about 5% raw CBD (CBDa) in our products to achieve the optimal entourage effect in the endocannabinoid system.

When we declare less than 0.2% THC content in our products, you can be sure that it is significantly less and not dangerously close to the legal limits. 99.9% of our CBD oils with a declared THC content of under 0.2% are between 0.12-0.17%. This buffer ensures that if local authorities test our products using different testing methods, the THC content will still be measured correctly below the legal limit.

Full Transparency and Traceability

Each product is stamped with a detailed description of:

  • Production batch.
  • Expiration date.
  • CBD content stated as a percentage with two decimal places.
  • THC content stated as a percentage with two decimal places.

You can see the details on the product label.

Certifications and Quality Control

Quality control Information
Certified Swiss production

Our production is certified with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the official ISO 22716-2007 standard since 2019, ensuring high and consistent quality.

Read about GMP and ISO certifications.

Third-party testing in external laboratories

Our production is continuously monitored by independent laboratories in Switzerland, and the results are published on our website for full transparency. Our products have never failed a single one of the thousands of third-party tests.

We collaborate with the following testing laboratories in Switzerland and the USA:

ProVerde Laboratories

Organic certification

Our products are certified organic by COSMOS ORGANIC in Germany, the highest standard for organic products in Europe. This guarantees that our products are 100% free from pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, and other harmful chemicals. We exclusively use organic hemp from Switzerland.

Read about our organic certification.

Vegan certification

Our products are certified vegan by The Vegan Society in England, meaning they are free from animal ingredients and not tested on animals.

Read about our vegan certification.