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Discover our premium Swiss CBD drops that have positively impacted lives in over 60 countries since 2013.

Choose from a diverse range of 88 formulations, available with or without THC, and CBD concentrations reaching up to 30%.

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About Our Premium CBD Drops

Indulge in the pinnacle of CBD drops with our Swiss-crafted, organic, and vegan-approved selections. Our specialized CO2 extraction and purification techniques ensure unparalleled purity and strength, all while steering clear of harmful chemicals. It's a natural and secure option for your wellness path.

Full-Spectrum CBD Drops: Harness the Synergy of Nature's Ingredients

Our full-spectrum offerings are rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, nutrients, and antioxidants. This comprehensive profile amplifies the entourage effect, optimizing the collective benefits and contributing to your overall well-being.

Broad-Spectrum CBD Drops: All the Goodness, None of the THC

Opt for our broad-spectrum variants if you prefer a THC-free experience but still want a plethora of beneficial compounds. Relish the perks of cannabinoids, terpenes, and more without the risk of THC exposure.

Shop with confidence, knowing our premium oils are crafted with the highest quality standards and designed to cater to your unique needs and preferences.

Quality Control Gas Chromatography

Highest Quality From Switzerland

Our s stand out due to their top-notch quality, backed by GMP and ISO 22716-2007 certifications for production, and COSMOS ORGANIC and The Vegan Society (UK) endorsements for our products.

We ensure safety and effectiveness by conducting third-party testing on every batch and undergoing frequent inspections by local authorities and customs.

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GMP and ISO 22716 Certified Production of CBD Oil

GMP and ISO 22716 Certified Production

Our company has been following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the official ISO 22716-2007 standard for many years and was officially certified in 2019.

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Cosmos Organic

Organic Certification

Our s are certified with COSMOS ORGANIC in Germany and has achieved what we consider the highest organic certification standard possible in Europe.

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Vegan Certification

Vegan Certification

Our s are certified vegan by The Vegan Society (UK).

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quality control

Third-party Testing in Swiss Laboratories

Each production batch is tested in third-party Swiss laboratories specialised in testing and analysing using recognized testing methods and equipment.

Our has never failed a third-party test, which is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the highest quality products available.

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  • What are CBD Drops?

    The term "CBD" is short for Cannabidiol, a key compound found in the hemp plant. This particular cannabinoid has gained significant attention for its array of potential advantages.

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  • Which Strength of CBD Drops is Right for Me?

    If you're new to CBD Drops, it's crucial to begin with a modest concentration to allow your body time to adjust.

    We suggest starting with either a 500 mg (5%) or 1,000 mg (10%) concentration. Doing so enables you to gauge your body's response to the product, and you can incrementally adjust the strength as needed.

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  • Full-Spectrum vs. Broad-Spectrum CBD Drops: What's the Difference?

    Full-spectrum drops are often viewed as more potent for both humans and pets due to the "entourage effect" created by the complete range of cannabinoids. Unlike broad-spectrum drops, full-spectrum options do contain THC.

    Read more: Full-Spectrum vs. Broad-Spectrum: What's the Difference?

  • Choosing the Right Carrier for Your CBD Drops

    Hemp seed oil offers a robust, earthy scent and is derived from hemp plant seeds. It's abundant in essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, earning it the title of a 'superfood.'

    Olive oil, with its subtle aroma, is self-explanatory and widely recognized.

    MCT oil is even milder in scent compared to olive oil. It's essentially a toned-down version of coconut oil and is the suggested carrier for those new to our product range. Note that MCT oil offers various benefits.

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  • Can CBD Drops Be Used Topically?

    Certainly. These drops are rich in essential nutrients beneficial for skin health. The European Commission has even listed CBD in its cosmetics database, recognizing its role in skincare.

  • How Much CBD Drops Should I Use?

    The amount needed can differ from individual to individual, influenced by factors such as body type, prior experience with CBD, and the intended use. It's advisable to start with a modest amount and gradually increase until you achieve the desired results.

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  • When is the Best Time to Use CBD Drops?

    For optimal outcomes, consider incorporating CBD Drops into your daily regimen, using them both in the morning and evening.

  • How Long Does It Take for CBD Drops to Take Effect?

    Typically, you can expect CBD Drops to start working within 20-30 minutes, with effects lasting for several hours.

  • How Long Do CBD Drops Remain in Your System?

    For the majority of individuals, CBD stays in the system for a period ranging from 2 to 5 days.

  • Is it Safe to Drive After Using CBD Drops?

    Yes, our products are formulated with THC levels below the legal limit of 0.2%, ensuring they won't impair your ability to drive or make you feel drowsy. Unlike THC, CBD doesn't have psychoactive properties, so it won't interfere with your daily activities.

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  • Will CBD Drops Show Up on a Drug Test?

    No, standard drug tests are designed to detect THC, not CBD.

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  • Recommended Usage for CBD Drops

    While CBD oils were traditionally taken sublingually, the European Union has classified CBD as a "Novel Food" since January 2019, restricting its oral consumption. Therefore, we only endorse the topical application of our CBD Drops.

    Read more: How to Properly Use CBD Drops

  • How Should I Store CBD Drops?

    To ensure the longevity and efficacy of your CBD Drops, keep them in a cool, dark location away from exposure to direct sunlight or heat. Make sure the bottle is securely sealed to ward off air and moisture.

    Read more: Proper Storage of CBD Drops

  • Will CBD Drops Make Me Feel 'High'?

    Rest assured, our CBD Drops will not induce a 'high' or 'stoned' feeling. This is because they contain less than 0.2% THC, which is the psychoactive component found in higher concentrations in other cannabis products.

    Read more: Do CBD Drops Cause Intoxication?

  • Do CBD Drops Have Medicinal Properties?

    We must clarify that none of the products available on this website are designed to diagnose, treat, or prevent any medical conditions. For any health-related concerns, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional.

    Read more: Medical Cannabis and CBD

  • Are CBD Drops Legal in the UK?

    Absolutely, all our CBD Drops are compliant with UK laws.

    Read more: Legal Status of CBD Drops in the UK

  • Are There Any Side Effects of Using CBD Drops?

    While CBD is generally considered safe, there may be occasional, mild side effects. These are rare but worth noting.

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  • Is it Safe for Children to Use CBD Drops?

    While CBD Drops are generally not considered hazardous, we do not recommend them for individuals under the age of 18.

    Read more: CBD Drops and Minors

  • Can I Become Addicted to CBD Drops?

    CBD Drops are generally considered to be non-addictive, as they lack the substances commonly linked to addiction

  • Is it Possible to Overdose on CBD Drops?

    Overdosing on CBD Drops is highly unlikely. Unlike substances with psychoactive properties, CBD doesn't pose such risks.

  • Is it Safe to Use CBD Drops During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding?

    We strongly advise against the use of CBD Drops for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals. Always consult your healthcare provider for guidance if you're pregnant or nursing.

  • Can I Use CBD Drops Alongside Medication?

    The compatibility of CBD Drops with medication can vary. Some individuals have reported that CBD may have blood-thinning effects. It's crucial to consult your healthcare provider before combining CBD Drops with any medication.

  • Can CBD Drops Interact with Caffeine?

    Yes, CBD Drops and caffeine can interact when consumed together. CBD may mitigate some of caffeine's side effects like restlessness and anxiety. However, caffeine could potentially diminish some of CBD's calming effects, depending on individual responses and dosages.

  • Do CBD Drops Interact with Alcohol?

    CBD Drops can interact with alcohol. Both substances have calming properties, and when combined, these effects may be amplified, potentially leading to increased drowsiness. Some studies also hint at CBD's potential to reduce alcohol-induced damage, although further research is needed.

  • Are These CBD Drops Halal?

    Absolutely, our CBD Drops are halal-compliant. Our production process strictly adheres to Islamic guidelines, avoiding any forbidden substances or alcohol.

  • What Sets CBD Drops Apart from THC?

    The primary distinction lies in their psychoactive effects. While THC induces a "high," CBD Drops do not have this psychoactive impact.

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  • How Quickly Do CBD Drops Take Effect?

    The onset of effects can range from 20 minutes to 2 hours, and the duration can last between 2 and 6 hours, depending on various factors like the method of consumption and individual metabolism.

  • Are CBD Drops Classified as Food Supplements?

    No, in both the European Union and the United Kingdom, CBD Drops are not considered food supplements. There's a common misconception that CBD-infused products like drinks and capsules are legally classified as food supplements.

  • What is the Shelf Life of CBD Drops?

    When stored appropriately, CBD Drops can have an extended shelf life, lasting up to 24 months post-production.

  • What Can CBD Drops Do for Me?

    While comprehensive research on CBD's therapeutic effects is still in its infancy, studies have indicated that CBD interacts positively with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). However, the full scope of this interaction requires further investigation. Note that we are not qualified to make health claims or offer medical advice.


Our products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health conditions. If you exhibit symptoms or are on medications, consult with a doctor before integrating our products into your routine. Pregnant, nursing, or individuals under 18 years of age should especially seek advice from a physician before use. Depending on our products as an alternative to prescription medicines, or without seeking evidence-based advice from a healthcare professional, is not advised.