Does CBD have any side effects?

Does CBD Have Any Side Effects?

The short answer is yes, CBD can have some minor side effects.

The growing popularity of CBD (Cannabidiol) has led to an increasing number of people considering its use for various health conditions. While CBD is often well-tolerated, it's crucial to understand its potential side effects and interactions with other medications.

At Formula Swiss, our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is top priority. With our extensive experience in CBD oil formulated for external use, we're proud to say we've never come across any negative effects linked to our products. It's also worth mentioning that our customers have always been happy with our products, and we've never received any complaints. This demonstrates our commitment to providing safe, high-quality CBD solutions to our valued customers.

Key takeaways

  • CBD is generally well-tolerated but can cause side effects.
  • Common side effects include dry mouth, diarrhea, and drowsiness.
  • CBD can interact with other medications, such as blood thinners.
  • Concerns exist about the purity and dosage of CBD products.
  • Formula Swiss works with EIHA Consortium to ensure CBD products are tested on hundreds of people for potential side effects and to date no side effects have been found.

How does CBD oil work?

Potential side effects

Dry mouth

Dry mouth, medically known as xerostomia, is a condition where the salivary glands in your mouth don't produce enough saliva. This lack of moisture can make it difficult to speak, eat, and swallow. It can also lead to bad breath and a diminished sense of taste. Over time, dry mouth can contribute to oral health issues like tooth decay.


Diarrhea is characterized by frequent, loose, or watery bowel movements. It can lead to dehydration if not managed properly, requiring the intake of fluids and electrolytes. Persistent diarrhea can also lead to nutritional deficiencies and should be discussed with a healthcare provider for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Reduced appetite

A reduced appetite can be particularly concerning, especially for children or individuals with preexisting health conditions. Less desire to eat can lead to malnutrition, weight loss, and exacerbation of other health issues. If appetite suppression continues, medical consultation is advised.


Drowsiness is not just about feeling sleepy; it's an overall sense of lethargy that can impair your ability to focus, think clearly, and react quickly. This can be particularly dangerous if you need to drive or operate heavy machinery. If you experience drowsiness while taking CBD, it may be necessary to adjust your dosage or consult a healthcare provider.


Fatigue goes beyond mere tiredness. It's a pervasive feeling of exhaustion that can affect both physical and mental well-being. This can interfere with daily activities, work performance, and even social interactions. If you experience fatigue while using CBD, it's crucial to consult a healthcare provider for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure, or hypotension, can manifest as dizziness, lightheadedness, and in severe cases, fainting. It can be particularly concerning for individuals already taking medications for blood pressure or those with cardiovascular issues. Immediate medical attention is advised if symptoms persist.


Light-headedness can be disorienting, making you feel like you're about to faint. It can be accompanied by nausea and may affect your ability to focus or perform tasks effectively. If you experience light-headedness while using CBD, it's crucial to consult a healthcare provider.

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Interactions with other medications

CBD can interact with other medications you may be taking, such as blood thinners. This can lead to increased side effects or reduced effectiveness of your medications.

Purity and dosage concerns

There are also concerns about the purity and dosage of CBD in products, as some may contain less CBD than labeled and may include THC.


While CBD is often well-tolerated, it's essential to be aware of its potential side effects and interactions with other medications. Always consult your healthcare provider before starting any CBD products, especially if you are taking other medications or have concerns about the purity and dosage of CBD.

Does CBD have an intoxicating effect?

Frequently asked questions

What are the potential side effects of using CBD?

While CBD is generally well-tolerated, some individuals may experience side effects. These can include dry mouth, drowsiness, fatigue, changes in appetite, and gastrointestinal discomfort. It's important to note that reactions vary based on individual sensitivity and the application method of the CBD product.

Is CBD considered safe for long-term use?

Current research suggests that CBD is safe for long-term use, especially when applied topically as intended for external use. However, as with any wellness product, it is advisable to monitor any changes and consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

Can CBD cause adverse reactions in some people?

Yes, CBD can cause adverse reactions in some individuals. These reactions are typically mild and may include symptoms such as skin irritation when applied topically, fatigue, or gastrointestinal issues. It's crucial to start with a small application to assess tolerance and consult a healthcare provider if you have concerns.

What are the common side effects of using CBD?

Common side effects of using CBD include dry mouth, drowsiness, slight changes in appetite, and occasional gastrointestinal discomfort. These effects are generally mild and temporary. For topical CBD products, skin sensitivity or irritation can occur, underscoring the importance of patch testing before regular use.

Are there any risks associated with using CBD?

While CBD is deemed safe for most users, especially in topical form, there are potential risks for individuals with specific health conditions or those taking certain medications. Interactions with other medications, particularly those with a grapefruit warning, are a consideration. Always consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating CBD into your wellness routine to ensure it aligns with your health profile and medication regimen.

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