EIHA Novel Food Consortium

We are co-founders and shareholders of the EIHA Novel Food Consortium in Germany. As a consortium member, we are also applying for a Novel Food status in the United Kingdom for some of our products under Food Standards Agency (FSA).

The EIHA Novel Food Consortium will invest approximately €3.5 million for financing all relevant and unprecedented toxicological studies on CBD and THC and have hired reputable ChemSafe to conduct the studies.

The EIHA Novel Food Consortium is a unique partnership of hemp industry leaders working together to promote the safe use of hemp-derived food products. The Consortium was created by the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) with the goal of providing the highest level of safety and quality assurance for the global hemp food industry.

The Consortium comprises EIHA members, including farmers, processors, manufacturers, and retailers. The members of the Consortium work together to ensure that hemp-derived food products meet the highest standards of safety and quality. To accomplish this, the Consortium has developed several initiatives, including developing best practices, research and development, education, and product safety and quality assurance.

The Consortium also works with national and international food safety authorities to ensure that hemp-derived food products meet all applicable safety regulations. The Consortium is also working to ensure that hemp-derived food products are properly labelled to ensure that consumers know the potential health and safety risks associated with their consumption.

The EIHA Novel Food Consortium seeks to ensure that hemp-derived food products are as safe and nutritious as possible. By working with industry leaders, food safety authorities, and consumers, the Consortium is helping to ensure that the global hemp food industry is safe and sustainable.

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