Which concentration of CBD oil should I choose?


Choosing the right concentration for topical application is a crucial step in ensuring a positive experience with our CBD oils.

Our extensive experience since tens of thousands of customers since 2013 clearly indicates that starting with a lower concentration is beneficial for determining how your skin reacts to the oil.

Many of our customers have successfully begun their journey with either a 500 mg (5%) or 1,000 mg (10%) concentration. This cautious start not only ensures safety but also allows for close observation of your skin's response, laying the groundwork for any adjustments that might be needed.

From our experience, we recommend that newcomers apply a small amount of CBD oil initially and observe their skin's reaction over the first week. This careful, incremental increase in application helps your skin acclimate to the oil, helping you discover the optimal quantity for your unique needs.

It's important to recognize that every individual's skin responds differently to CBD oil, meaning there's no universal solution. This tailored approach is designed to ensure you attain the most favourable outcomes for your skin, underscoring our commitment to providing professional guidance and dependable solutions throughout your journey with CBD oil application.

How should I use CBD oil?

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Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen

Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen

About the author:

Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen is known for his extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of CBD and hemp production. With a career spanning over a decade in the cannabis industry, he has dedicated his life to understanding the intricacies of these plants and their potential benefits to human health and the environment. Over the years, Robin has worked tirelessly to promote the full legalization of hemp in Europe. His fascination with the plant's versatility and potential for sustainable production led him to pursue a career in the field.

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