How CBD oil helps against Parkinson’s disease

May 01, 2019 5 min read

How CBD oil helps against Parkinson’s disease

Diseases or medical conditions that target a specific age group are likely difficult to deal with. This is due to the fact that the person who gets targeted by that disease was found suitable for it for numerous reasons. Unlike the other neurological disorders, some diseases can be easily dealt with with the help of a natural ingredient that serves more than one purpose i.e. to overcome several illnesses. CBD oil is one of those things that are made from the cannabinoid naturally present in the hemp of the cannabis plant. While technology and medical awareness is growing day by day, more people have started believing in the natural organic components for dealing with illness such as the Parkinson’s disease.

CBD oil that is popular for its properties similar to that of dopamine, the pleasure releasing cells, tends to deal with a number of illnesses just because almost every medical condition is directly or indirectly linked to the brain and its activities. This is where CBD does its magic by directly engaging with the brain receptors in order to give relief from the particular disease. Most of the people suffering from the Parkinson’s disease try different medicines and therapies for getting rid of the extremely unfavorable condition, however, it only triggers the disease without creating much effect for the improvement.

What is the CBD oil?

The cannabinoid is the natural component of the cannabis plant found in its hemp among the other elements such as THC.

CBD, cannabidiol, has been found to possess some really amazing properties that are beneficial for dealing with numerous mental and physical conditions including the Parkinson’s disease. The effect that CBD has on the mind and body cannot be compared to any other natural ingredient and medicine because only CBD oil is supposed to overcome the illness in minimal time with a high-effective rate.

This is why the CBD oil has become so popular over the years by people casually trying it and then experiencing a sudden improvement in their condition without having to make effort. This is why CBD oil is more effective than other natural and unnatural remedy because of its properties due to which the user gets to deal with a number of medical conditions including the Parkinson’s disease.

What are Parkinson’s disease and its symptoms?

Parkinson’s is basically a medical condition in which the patient’s mind stop producing the dopamine cells due to which the brain tends to work abnormally resulting in symptoms of severe hand and leg shaking etc. Mostly, people aged above 50 are the target of Parkinson’s due to the fact that older people are not resistant to its effects caused by the uncertain situations such as an accident or shock.

The other symptoms of Parkinson’s include:

1. Slow body movements that don’t allow the person to remain physically and mentally active like before.
2. The muscles get tightened due to which the patient finds it difficult to remain efficient in performing daily tasks.
3. The balance becomes unstable and the patient experiences an impaired posture.
4. Unlike the other, people suffering from Parkinson’s tend to reject the automatic body and brain movements and become relatively slower.
5. Speech and writing changes have also been observed in some of the severe cases where it becomes tough for the patient to talk and write in an absolute flow.
6. Sleep is one of the things that are also affected by the Parkinson’s disease in which the patients find troubles in sleeping peacefully without any disturbance.
7. Loss of smell and poor digestive system are also the common symptoms of Parkinson’s.
8. Sometimes, it gets evident from the facial features or expression of the person suffering from Parkinson’s that there is some abnormality in the brain movements.
9. People suffering from Parkinson’s experience excessive sleeping habits because of the disturbed sleep patterns that urge the brain to rest more.

How does CBD oil effect Parkinsons disease?

The effect of CBD oil can be explained in the following steps:

  • CBD has some natural properties according to which it tends to directly link to the brain receptors, affecting them to cause positive reactions.
  • The natural endocannabinoid present in our body is supposed to be released by the same brain cells that are responsible for releasing the pleasure cells.
  • When CBD oil is consumed, it allows the natural brain movements to become active, resulting in an improved condition in reference to the Parkinson’s.
  • CBD oil also improves the disturbed digestive system of the body which is also one of the causes of Parkinson’s.
  • While dopamine allows the brain to normalize the mental and physical activities, CBD is somewhat directly related to in terms of an effective solution for Parkinson’s.
  • The CBD oil is also found to be beneficial for dealing with the neurological disorders without affecting the other parts of the body, unlike the harmful medicines.

How is it consumed?

The CBD oil is consumed orally by putting a couple of drops on/under the tongue which produces a positive effect in as less as half an hour. Even while severe shaking and tremors of the hands and legs, the CBD oil works wonders by stopping the abnormal body movements in less than 30 minutes which is a great benefit of the natural component. Also, unlike the other medicines that handle one disease and give birth to another, the CBD oil does not have any side-effect and is found to deal with a number of illnesses at one time. This is the main reason why the natural herbal medicine is being discussed and appreciated all around the world for its effective qualities and behavior for the overcoming severe medical conditions including Parkinson’s.

CBD oil helps against Parkinson’s and there is no denying this fact. Although CBD does not have any side effects, the use and dose of the natural ingredient should be consumed according to the severity of the disease. Also, the CBD oil can be taken by the person of any age group as it produced the same effect from every person, with a difference being that it helps a number of mental/physical conditions just by one ingredient and effect of the dopamine.

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