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Doctors amazed at cannabis oil as a cancer solution

June 27, 2019 3 min read

Doctors amazed at cannabis oil as a cancer solution

Despite clinical tests and positive results indicating significant effect of cannabis on the central nervous system, medical experts are not yet convinced. The stigma in public domain is evident and probably no one is ready to make a stand. In fact, it is more of a courageous move to go against the odds of statistics and try the alternative methods. There is a rift and open disagreement between doctors and members of the public who are no longer depending and waiting on science to give a go ahead. There are several tales of positive results on cancer patients including added benefits to the human body. Cannabis is said to contain two primary components that not only deal with ailments but also reduce inflammation and lessen pain. THC and CBD are also said to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

Recently, News Channel 8 reported on Tammy Levant’s story on her journey with cancer after testing positive for breast cancer in a 2015 diagnosis. Doctors are amazed with the lady’s tale, which she owes the positive results to Cannabis oil as her salvation. After the May 2015 diagnosis, it was clear the cancer cells were quickly spreading and Tammy didn’t have long to live. Despite strong warnings from the doctor, Tammy denied any efforts to subject her to conventional methods and ventured out on her own in search of alternative one. Judging her on any grounds then, she was insane to refuse doctor’s prescriptions.

Long trips

After the surgery in hospital, Tammy went home and came across information on Cannabis oil. The product was not available anywhere in her state; she had to regularly travel to far distances to buy portions. There years down the line, she is proud of the decision she made. Her efforts have evidently paid off. After years of consistent use of cannabis oil, Tammy went back to her doctor for a check-up. To the doctor’s amazement, there is no tumor marker in her blood. While the doctor acknowledges the fact that Cannabis oil is not yet scientifically proven and endorsed, he stands as proof of its workability.

Dr. Palanca saw initial results with immense infection of tumor in Tammy’s blood. He re-diagnosed the patient after use of Cannabis oil and found no trace of the cancer cells. According to the doctor, he cannot explain how Cannabis oil works, but it did work for Tammy. Cannabis is increasingly becoming popular and accepted by members of the public of the practical results and living examples such as Tammy.  

Doctor advice

Tammy’s incident was a shock for the medical professionals. It is not subject to discussion. In fact, the proud Tammy was willing to allow the skeptic professionals to conduct multiple and consistent tests to prove she is cancer free. It hit the deadlines and media highlights that had to flow with the new reality.

Tammy’s doctor has since come out to speak publicly on the incident and acknowledging the facts. However, he advises patients to merge the two types of methods. Do not abandon conventional procedures. Although it works, cannabis oil has not been sufficiently scientifically proven. No doubt there huge costs involved in conventional procedures but according to the doctor it is still viable. Using the two remedies is balancing your cards. If you may, do not put all your eggs in one basket. The scientific researches have not yet given substantial results on workability of Cannabis oil as a product of the marijuana plant. Hence; Tammy’s recovery is tagged as miraculous healing.

Dr. Palanca mentions that it is not an argument on what is correct, focus on getting well. Use both remedies and whichever works; is a win for you!

Tammy’s case is unique

Critics on viability of cannabis oil say that all of the people claiming to get helped by cannabis stopped the conventional procedures half way. There is a possibility that the procedure they abandoned has a significant part in the healing process. It cannot be proved that cannabis wholly led to the disappearance of cancer cells.

Besides, human beings respond differently to different medication. For sure, Tammy recovered wholly by cannabis oil because she completely refused conventional methods. But how are you sure this will work for you? Balance your odds and make your own judgements.

This article was written by an independent and third-party author specialising in CBD, hemp and cannabis research. Any opinion, advice or recommendation expressed in the article does not reflect the opinion of Formula Swiss AG or any of our employees. We do not make any claims about any of our products and refer to our disclaimer for more information.

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