33 CBD oil benefits - The complete guide to all CBD oil benefits for your health

June 16, 2019 23 min read

33 cbd oil benefits

Introduction to CBD Oil and it's benefits:

You may have already be acquainted with the uses of cannabis or have heard the abbreviation “CBD” and be wondering whether it is the same thing, and why are those terms starting to gain wide popularity.

You should know that “CBD” stands for “cannabidiol”, which, together with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant. And here comes another confusion – what about hemp, can Diabetes patients use cannabis and marijuana, are they all the same thing?

Hemp, marijuana and cannabis are in fact very different from one another. Hemp and marijuana are products of the cannabis plant, which have contrasting functions and effects on the human organism.

The hemp products are high in CBD (cannabidiol) which:

  • alleviates pain;
  • helps with soothing both external and internal aches and conditions,

while marijuana products are high in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and therefore have a powerful psychotic effect on the mind.

In the following lines, you can learn more about the benefits of CBD products on the human body, its side effects, as well as the THC benefits and side effects.


Table of contents:

  1. CBD oil benefits for ADHD
  2. CBD as support for after-withdrawal symptoms in people with addictions
  3. CBD for allergies
  4. CBD has an antipsychotic effect on the mind
  5. CBD helps you with anxiety disorders
  6. CBD allows you to recover fast after asthma attacks
  7. CBD oil benefits autism patients
  8. CBD alleviates the side effects of cancer procedures 
  9. Cardiovascular disease and CBD
  10. CBD detoxifies the digestive tract in Crohn`s disease patients
  11. Dementia' symptoms are slowed down with CBD
  12. Alzheimer and CBD
  13. CBD oil benefits for fighting depression
  14. Diabetes patients can lower their blood sugar with CBD
  15. CBD for a healthier diet and for weight loss
  16. Better sleep with CBD
  17. Liver disease and CBD`s role in optimizing it.
  18. How CBD can help you with the menopause
  19. Regaining control of your emotions in the case of mood swings
  20. Multiple sclerosis and CBD
  21. CBD for Nausea
  22. Reducing different kinds of pains and inflammations with CBD oil
  23. CBD oil benefits for Parkinson`s
  24. Pets` conditions and how to help them with CBD
  25. You can alleviate pain and anxiety, resulting from premenstrual syndrome with CBD
  26. Seizures and CBD
  27. CBD oil benefits for your sex life
  28. CBD oil is beneficial for optimizing skin conditions, like acne, arthritis, psoriasis
  29. Tobacco withdrawal and CBD
  30. Recovering from sports injuries is faster with CBD oil
  31. CBD has stress-relief qualities
  32. Recovering from a stroke: CBD oil can only benefit you
  33. Benefits of CBD oil on sunburnt areas 
  34. Conclusion

1. CBD oil benefits for ADHD

CBD oil benefits for ADHD

After the boom in cases of ADHD in the late 20th century, there still are a lot of people who suffer from this condition to different extents. There are a lot of cases that are not registered because the symptoms are very often unnoticed or ruled out as just lack of attention and focus. 

Still, ADHD is a serious condition, which affects people`s normal way of life. Research on the subject states that CBD products are not officially acknowledged as a solution.

Nevertheless, CBD oil, for example, could counteract to those symptoms by calming down your nervous system and refocusing your mind.


It has not been medically proven that CBD products can optimize ADHD-patients` health. However, they are helpful in increasing your level of concentration and calming your nervous system.  

2. CBD as support for after-withdrawal symptoms in people with addictions

CBD as support for after-withdrawal symptoms in people with addictions

Although cannabis itself has been looked upon as an addictive substance, there is enough research in this area to refute this claim. Interestingly enough, it is now considered helpful in optimizing withdrawal symptoms and maintaining you from relapsing.

CBD`s therapeutic potential when it comes to easing the symptoms in addiction withdrawal has been discovered in the last few years.

Those symptoms include:

  • higher levels of stress;
  • lower ability to control your impulses;
  • elevated anxiety.

CBD products can help you deal with those symptoms. Moreover, they can calm your nervous system and maintain the normal functioning of your brain.


CBD products make it easier for you to fight the withdrawal symptoms of addictions by calming you down and lowering your stress and anxiety. 

3. CBD for allergies

CBD for allergies

There are two main types of allergiesseasonal or chronic allergies. Both types are connected to the immune system`s rejection of substances.

The seasonal allergies mean that the body refuses to tolerate substances in the air - the eyes, the nose and the lungs become irritated. Chronic allergies affect the stomach and the skin, cause irritations, rashes, and obstruct your breathing.

When it comes to alleviating the pain and the uneasiness after allergic reactions, we assure you that the Formula Swiss CBD oil is a completely natural way to detoxicate and relax the body.

CBD (cannabidiol) acts as an antihistamine – it is believed that it blocks the production of histamines in the mast cells. The histamines are what causes an enhanced reaction from your body to external particles, such as pollen.

CBD also has anti-inflammatory qualities, which are helpful in the case of chronic allergies. It reduces the swelling and alleviates the pain. In this way, the skin rashes which result from an allergic reaction are reduced.


In conclusion, CBD oil, as well as other CBD food supplements, is a way to alleviate you in the case of an allergic reaction. The cannabinoids in CBD help the body get rid of the toxins that cause inflammation and swelling.

CBD is also great for external symptoms, such as rashes and seasonal allergies due to its antihistamine effect.

4. CBD has an antipsychotic effect on the mind

CBD has an antipsychotic effect on the mind

Psychosis could be a result from different illnesses and medical conditions, such as depression, nervous breakdowns, as well as schizophrenia, for example. All those conditions are linked to anomalies in the functions of the brain, which lead to pain and confusion.

When you think of psychosis and psychotic substances, maybe one of the first things that come to your mind is marijuana. And you are not wrong. Still, the other product of the cannabis plant, hemp and its applications are helpful against psychosis.

The CBD (cannabidiol) in the hemp plant is responsible for this opposite effect. It counteracts to the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) found in marijuana.

So, therefore CBD products have the ability to clear away any type of psychosis. They have anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic qualities. They relax the nervous system and the mind.

CBD products have been officially approved by medical professionals as a supplement in the optimization of such psychotic states. According to research made in the area, the effect of CBD products is stronger for some psychotics conditions and weaker for others, depending on the seriousness of the condition.


No matter what cause there is for the psychosis, ingesting a few drops of CBD oil, for example, every day will help you deal with the inflammation in the brain and with the anxiety.

CBD food supplements, in general, help you with psychosis, or further complications after an anxiety attack, as you will see in the next section: 

5. CBD helps you with anxiety disorders

CBD and fighting anxiety

Social anxiety, anxiety attacks are all results of stress, depression or emotional disorders. It is said in journals and studies on the subject that CBD food supplements offer a way to counteract the anxiety attacks.

Because all forms of anxiety have a stress factor and start in the nervous system, CBD oil, for example, can be the solution.

The cannabidiol supplies the body with additional cannabinoids. The latter bind with the endocannabinoids that are part of the endocannabinoid system. This increases the body`s ability to balance the hormone levels and reduce the stress. 

CBD products also have other qualities – calming ones. They “chill” you and your nervous system, just like the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in marijuana does, but without the negative effects on the brain.


Stress and anxiety are not just something natural, and it may be hard to fight them. CBD products offers a slow but sure and safe from side effects option for alleviating different forms of anxiety.

6. CBD allows you to recover fast after asthma attacks

CBD allows you to recover fast after asthma attacks

Asthma is a condition, in which the airways narrow, produce mucus and thus hinder the normal flow of air to the lungs, making it difficult for the person to breathe. 

Ingestion of cannabidiol products, such as CBD oil, alleviates the central nervous system and as a result the muscles relax, the constriction in the airways eases, the lungs expand again, and the breathing rhythm is normalized.

The cannabinoids in CBD act as bronchodilators, they free the bronchi from the tension and allow you to regain your normal breathing. Moreover, they reduce the anxiety – more anxiety leads to more difficulties in the breathing, it is a vicious circle.


CBD oil, as well as other cannabidiol products, relieve the symptoms of asthma by easing your breathing and helping the flow of air in your lungs.

Another important benefit of CBD for this condition is that it relieved the anxiety in the patients and helps them regain a normal functioning state.

7. CBD oil benefits autism patients

CBD oil benefits autism patients

According to studies on the subject, many parents turn to CBD products as a last resort in optimizing the symptoms of their children`s autism. Although the cannabis plant oils do not have a strong effect on the symptoms, they can reduce impulsivity, and just like in the case with ADHD, reduce the short attention spans.

CBD also generally helps calm down the nervous system. In the context of autism, this means that CBD is a great way to comfort people with severe autism symptoms. It does this by maintaining a healthier environment in the body and brain.

Cannabidiol also alleviates pain and inflammation, and as you can read later in this article, it helps with epilepsy symptoms. Epilepsy could be a side effect of autism.


There isn`t a solution for autism yet. But CBD products are, without a doubt, reliable when it comes to relieving the patient of pain, anxiety and distress, all symptoms of autism patients.

8. CBD alleviates the side effects of cancer procedures

CBD alleviates the side effects of cancer treatment

When it comes to cancer, CBD products have a limited range of qualities and effects. They cannot be used to deal with cancer and are just viewed as a complementary therapy for this disease.

Still, CBD has many benefits for the human body in general, and some of them are connected with cancer. More specifically, helping to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is one of the most popular ways to overcome cancer tumors in the body. Nevertheless, it can also have negative side effects, such as: 

  • Inflammation;
  • loss of appetite;
  • nausea;
  • chronic pain.
Moreover, CBD products have anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor qualities.

There is very little THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in CBD products – less than 0.3%. But it still is an important ingredient in the case of optimizing the side effects of chemotherapy. It relaxes patients who become nauseated after chemotherapy.


Cancer procedures have an overall positive effect on cancer patients, but it can be a very harsh experience. CBD products, on the other hand, are plant-based, so they have no dangerous side effects.

They are just supplements and part of the complimentary therapy, but they have an antitumor effect on the human organism. They also help you recover more quickly from chemotherapy and alleviate the side effects from it.

9. Cardiovascular disease and CBD

Cardiovascular disease and CBD

The endocannabinoid system, or ECS in our body regulates most aspects of the normal workflow of processes, such as the blood flow, the enzymes, etc. In the case of any disease or medical condition, it is the main system behind the protection of the organism.

Although procedures are constantly being improved, heart diseases as well as those of the blood vessels are among the most common reasons for death among adults and are most usually caused by bad eating habits, stress, and smoking.

Once ingested, the cannabinoids in CBD oil bind with the endocannabinoids in the body and create an environment for the body to heal itself, including when there are problems with the heart. 

The CBD food supplements have an anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant effect, which means that they reduce the cardiovascular response to stress and help the body to create a healthy environment.


Cardiovascular diseases, heart and blood ones, too, are very dangerous because they can strike when least expected. CBD oil is a way to maintain the strength of the body defenses.

10. CBD detoxifies the digestive tract in Crohn`s disease patients

CBD detoxifies the digestive tract in Crohn`s disease patients

For those of you not familiar with this condition, Crohn`s disease is associated with those symptoms: 

  • Fever;
  • Bloody diarrhea;
  • Rectal bleeding;
  • Abdominal pain.

It affects the digestive tract. The symptoms are caused by an accumulation of toxins in the gut. The toxins come from unhealthy food, are absorbed in the digestive tract and then enter your blood.

For cases like this, CBD oil is just supplementary, it is a food supplement, not as medicine. Nevertheless, its use benefits the human body in many ways.

The cannabinoids in CBD have an anti-inflammation effect. Moreover, they also reduce the pain and alleviate most of the other symptoms of Crohn`s disease. This helps the body start a detoxication process.


Crohn`s disease affects the gut and is a result of cluttering in the organs. CBD products offer a solution for this problem. They relieve the pain and inflammation in the abdomen and help the body get rid of the harmful substances.

11. Dementia's symptoms are slowed down with CBD

Dementia & Alzheimer`s symptoms are slowed down with CBD

Dementia comes in many forms, one of which is Alzheimer`s – below you can find more about the CBD oil benefits when it comes to optimizing the health of Alzheimer`s patients.

Typical for dementia conditions in general is a decay of the brain cells. This happens due to an excessive amount of protein in the brain. CBD is a great way to alleviate the symptoms: 

  • it acts as a an anti-inflammatory medium;
  • it reduces the built-up oxygen;
  • it stimulates the functions of the brain;
  • it protects the neurons from decay.



Dementia and other similar conditions, such as Alzheimer`s, are very common among elderly people. They are not yet curable, as age and genetics play a role here. But there is a way to counteract to this condition. Cannabinoid (CBD) food supplements for example, are an easy way to alleviate the symptoms and clear the fog in the mind.

12. Alzheimer and CBD

Alzheimer`s disease is a type of dementia. Here, brain cells also start destroying themselves. In this way the synapses in the brain, which are responsible for the connections between the neurons, and for the storage of memories, start disappearing.

The level of inflammation in the brain in the case of Alzheimer`s is what causes the degeneration of the cells. It could be reduced by ingestion of hemp products, such as CBD oil. The oil could stop the decay of the mind and benefit the whole body.

13. CBD oil benefits for fighting depression

CBD oil benefits for fighting depression

Depression is one of the most common serious mental conditions in the 21st It can have serious complications and obstruct you from being able to live a normal life.

According to recent studies on this subject, consumption and use of CBD products could help you form a healthy way to cope with all the things that make you feel down.

The cannabinoid molecules in the oil balance the serotonin levels in the body and affect your mood in a positive way, without the side effects of traditional medicine. Just like in the case with anxiety (see above), cannabidiol has a calming effect on the nervous system and can soothe your mind and body in the case of depression.


CBD products have the quality to relax the nervous system and supply the body with additional cannabinoids, which strengthens the body`s functions. In this way, the mind relaxes and it is easier for the person to fight depressive states. 

14. Diabetes patients can lower their blood sugar with CBD

Diabetes patients can lower their blood sugar with CBD

Diabetes is a serious condition, which can lead to many other health problems. What happens in the body is that it fails to process the sugar we ingest and then suffers the consequences of the redundant amount of sugar.

For optimization of the symptoms of diabetes, the CBD oil benefits are:

  • reduced inflammation.
    One of the main complications in diabetes-patients is the excess inflammation, which hinders the resistance of the body to insulin.
  • Rebalance of the levels of glucose in the body.


Diabetes is a dangerous condition, the harmful effects of which could be reduced with the help of CBD products. The benefits of those products include an increase in the immunity and a reduction of the blood sugar.

15. CBD for a healthier diet and for weight loss

CBD for a healthier diet and for weight loss

While the problem with hunger in third-world countries seems to get bigger and bigger, despite the work of many organisations, at the same time many of the first-world countries have a problem with obesity.

Research on the subject suggests that people suffering from such conditions have a hyperactive endocannabinoid system. This system is spread throughout the body through two types of receptors – CB1 and CB2.

The former are usually only found in the brain, but in the case of obesity, they start forming in the rest of the body as well, mostly in the fatty tissue. CBD`s role is to activate or block the respective receptors and rebalance the bodily functions. It does that by supplying the organism with additional cannabinoid receptors.

Which means that CBD products are a reliable way to optimize this – the cannabinoids in them react with the endocannabinoids in your body and balances the hyperactivity. So if you are struggling to lose weight and become healthier, Formula Swiss CBD oil, for example, could help you gain control of your body and brain and withstand temptations.


CBD had an overall positive effect on the body because CBD products increase the body`s ability to restore its balance. Therefore, they can be of great help when it comes to regaining normal weight and fighting eating disorders.

16. Better sleep with CBD

Better sleep with CBD

Insomnia is something a lot of people suffer from, and the reasons vary indefinitely - stress, swift changes in the weather, moon phases, etc. Additional symptoms include redundant mental activity and an irritated nervous system.

This is where CBD products come along: 

  • They relax your nervous system
  • calm your mind
  • lower the levels of mental activity 

Although there is still not enough research to support the claim that CBD can optimize the symptoms of insomnia, it is worth trying, as it is entirely plant-based product.


If you have difficulties falling asleep, CBD oil could help you indirectly fight the symptoms. It has soothing and relaxing qualities on the body and mind.

17. Liver disease and CBD`s role in optimizing it

Liver disease and CBD`s role in optimizing it

According to a study from 2010, liver disease is one of the 15 most common conditions in the world which can lead to fatal consequences or in other words, death. As the liver has important functions, connected to the detoxication of the body, it is vital to keep it healthy.

The cannabinoids in CBD products affect the cirrhosis in the liver. This cirrhosis is caused by long-term toxicity – from smoking or from unhealthy eating habits.

Symptoms include:

  • Abdominal pain;
  • Swelling of the abdomen;
  • Fatigue;
  • Irritated skin;
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

The cannabidiol and its applications stop the development of the damage to the liver cells and maintain a healthy environment in the liver. The cannabinoids in them have the following benefits:

  • an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant effect;
  • relaxing the nervous system;
  • alleviating chronic pain;
  • Skin irritations are eased;
  • The gagging reflex stops;
  • They act as bronchodilators and ease the breathing.


Suffering from liver diseases can lead to problems with other parts of your body, as all systems in our bodies are linked. CBD food supplements have many benefits and are able to alleviate liver disease symptoms, but not deal with the disease.

18. How CBD can help you with the menopause

How CBD can help you with the menopause

The ECS (endocannabinoid system) of the body regulates, among others:

  • the mood;
  • the immune system;
  • the level of fertility.

The menopause disrupts some of those processes, it shifts the way the body functions. This shift could cause hormonal disbalance and also other, more serious problems.

The cannabinoids in CBD products are a  great way to combat the menopause symptoms – they can lessen the damage and the negative effects. They have a positive effect on:

  • mood swings (as you will see in the next section)
  • fertility
  • chronic pain
  • insomnia
  • temperature regulation.

The CBD activates some of the cannabinoid receptors in the body and blocks others, which helps the organism regain balance. In this way, the symptoms of menopause could be alleviated or at least lessened. The body can, in this case, restore its normal functions.


Although most of the women have made peace with the fact that they will, sooner or later, experience menopause, you should not let negative thoughts control your life. CBD oil offers you a way to ease the symptoms and help your body function normally.

19. Regaining control of your emotions in the case of mood swings

Regaining control of your emotions in the case of mood swings

Mood swings are a common effect of a hormonal disbalance and are directly linked to the nervous system of the body. They are caused by neurochemical irregularities in the brain, and more specifically, in the limbic system.

In this system there are many endocannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), which means that CBD could come in handy in cases like this. The cannabinoids in the CBD products bind with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain and rebalance their functions.


Although mood swings could have many reasons, CBD products can be very helpful in regulating your mood. CBD oil as a food supplement has a relaxing effect on the nervous system. It helps you focus and control your emotions.

20. Multiple sclerosis and CBD

Multiple sclerosis and CBD

Multiple sclerosis affects the brain and the spinal cord, which means that the function of the central nervous system is compromised. More than 2 million people worldwide suffer from this condition.

According to recent studies (2018) the cannabis plant contains around 60 biologically active chemicals – cannabinoids. Their effects:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidative
  • Antiemetic
  • Antipsychotic
  • Neuroprotective

are all part of their role helping multiple sclerosis. They calm the nervous system,
reduce pain and inflammation and improve the overall mobility of MS patients.


Just like in the case with dementia and Alzheimer`s (see above), multiple sclerosis affects the neurons in the brain and from there the whole nervous system of the body. In order to resist this decay and balance the nervous system, you can try using CBD products.

21. CBD for Nausea

CBD for Nausea

While it is naturally good for your body to get rid of unwanted and toxic substances which may block its functions, sometimes nausea is just an effect of over-stimulation of the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain.

According to some studies on nausea, this condition could also be optimized with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is an ingredient in marijuana. After a hangover, for example, THC alleviates the pain and relaxes you.

Nevertheless, CBD products, made from the other strain of the cannabis plant, offer an alternative. The CBD has an anti-emetic effect and also alleviates pain. It relaxes the nervous system and removes the tension in your head.


No matter what causes nausea, CBD products could be of great help for you for alleviating the tension in your head and eyes.

22. Reducing different kinds of pains and inflammations with CBD oil

Reducing different kinds of pains and inflammations with CBD oil

Resulting from different types of injuries, labor, bacterial infections, or even from too much pressure and stress, no kind of pain and inflammation is to be underestimated.

CBD products offer an easy, natural and healthy way for you to ease the pain in your body and feel better. They activate the glycine receptors and restores the normal function of the body and are also suitable for athletes, as they contain no psychotic elements.

Fibromyalgia, for example, is a type of condition, which is connected to experiencing chronic pain and inflammation all over your body. Symptoms for it are:

  • pain all over your body;
  • fatigue and difficulties focusing your mind (fibro fog).

CBD can help you alleviate those symptoms, even if they come all at once. The cannabinoids in CBD help your nervous system relax, which would reduce the pain and the inflammation in your body and clear your mind.


There are numerous conditions, the symptoms of which include pain and inflammation. CBD products such as cannabidiol oil could be temporary or also a constant solution.

23. CBD oil benefits for Parkinson`s

CBD oil benefits for Parkinson`s

Parkinson`s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder which affects the nervous system, making it impossible for you to control your body.

The brain cells which are responsible for delivering messages to other parts of the body, get damaged and decay. This means that it becomes impossible for Parkinson`s patients to control their bodies, including facial expressions and movements.

Although just one percent of the people suffer from this condition, the number is still a big one. As a food supplement, CBD oil can optimize the effects of this condition on the body.

CBD products in general help regulate the functions of ECS (endocannabinoid system) which in turn relaxes the nervous system and the body. CBD products are just complimentary therapy, but nevertheless, they can alleviate the symptoms and protect the remaining neurons.


Parkinson`s is a common condition among people after 60 years of age. Its symptoms are easy to alleviate with the help of cannabidiol (CBD) products.

24. Pets` conditions and how to help them with CBD

Pets` conditions and how to help them with CBD

The growing rise in anxiety and depression in pets has been observed in the last few years. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Aggression;
  • destructive behavior;
  • fear of being left alone.

This can result in the pet running away from home.

CBD oil has many benefits when it comes to improving those conditions, just like it has for humans. Still, some of the benefits of CBD for your pet are worth mentioning separately:

  • painkiller;
  • anti-convulsant;
  • anti-inflammator;
  • anti-stress;
  • antiemetic;

Moreover, CBD food supplements have no side effects. So they are safe for the wellbeing of animals.

But before giving your pet CBD oil, you should seek medical advice from a veterinarian!


Even pet`s conditions could be optimized with CBD oil – for example, different types of anxiety and depression. Important in a case like this is, though, to consult a medical expert, so that your pet does not suffer from further complications.

25. You can alleviate pain and anxiety, resulting from premenstrual syndrome with CBD

You can alleviate pain and anxiety, resulting from premenstrual syndrome with CBD

From the age of 12-13, every girl has at least once experienced PMS (premenstrual syndrome). The symptoms vary according to a person`s physique and organism and include: 

  • Pain;
  • Inflammation;
  • Anxiety;
  • Mood swings.

Taking cannabidiol oil or other CBD product as a food supplement during this painful period increases the number of cannabinoid molecules in the body. This means that the body is supplied with more anandamide, which is responsible for the wellbeing of the processes throughout the body.

As a result, the pain is relieved faster, and the overall state of the body improves.


Many women, no matter what age group they are in, complain that they experience a lot of chronic pain and other complications during this special time of the month. The PMS syndrome symptoms could be alleviated with the help of CBD oil or other CBD-containing products.

26. Seizures and CBD

Seizures and CBD

A seizure occurs when the hub in the brain that is responsible for the exchange of information, is disturbed. There are many types of seizures, one of the most common ones being epilepsy.

Childhood epilepsy, for example, could be especially dangerous, because the children experience the symptoms in a harsher way. Among the symptoms are: 

  • losing control over one`s limbs
  • confusion
  • loss of consciousness

CBD products offer an alternative opportunity for helping patients with seizures. CBD has been used in the past for centuries, as early as 2900 B.C. China. After that, it has been assessed as dangerous, but in recent years is beginning to regain popularity for its positive effect on seizures.

CBD oil, for example, helps you regain control of your body and eases the confusion in your mind. It also works as an anticonvulsant.


Seizures could be very dangerous because they happen suddenly and cause additional physical damages to your body. In order to fight the disturbance in the hippocampus, you can take CBD oil. The oil could also help you for recovering after a seizure.

27. CBD oil benefits for your sex life

CBD oil benefits for your sex life

It is a popular opinion that getting high or consuming alcohol can relax you and make you feel at ease when it comes to sex. But both things can also damage your body and mind.

CBD oil, on the other hand, calms you and improves the body functions. As opposed to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD restores your normal heart rate and lowers your blood pressure without the additional psychoactive effects.

Moreover, CBD is beneficial for people with sexual performance issues, as well as against different types of inflammation and pain.


Due to the lack of sexual education in many countries, many young (and older) people are ignorant about many aspects of this area. Although popular opinions are mostly true, it is important to take good care of your health. CBD products are plant products which help you get calm and relaxed and are in no way harmful in cases like this.

28. CBD oil is beneficial for skin conditions, like acne, arthritis, psoriasis

CBD oil is beneficial for skin conditions, like acne, arthritis, psoriasis

All skin conditions, such as acne, arthritis and psoriasis, are caused by toxins we either absorb through our skin or ingest with our food.

Psoriasis, for example, is a skin condition in which skin cells start a rapid growth and then division. This results in eczema.

Another skin condition which is very common, especially among teenagers and young adults is acne. Its most common culprit is the overproduction of sebum in the body.

Applied externally on the skin, CBD oil can resolve the skin problems you have. It reduces the pain and inflammation and helps the skin heal by hindering the rapid cell growth. It also reduces the amount of sebum in the case of acne.

In this way, the health of the skin is restored and the irritation is relieved


Skin conditions are not just something you go through during puberty. They often lead to other complications. The skin conditions of any type, both the temporary and the serious ones, are the body`s way to get rid of toxins, so you can help this process by applying CBD oil on your irritated skin.

29. Tobacco withdrawal and CBD

Tobacco withdrawal and CBD

Although nowadays it is widely known that smoking is bad for your health and your skin and that it causes cancer, there still are many people around the world who smoke.

If you are a smoker, who wants to quit, cannabidiol products could help you combat the withdrawal symptoms and stop you from relapsing. Tobacco cravings are directly linked to anxiety levels and CBD has a great anti-anxiety effect on the body and mind.

Relapses are linked to anxiety, too, as well as to depression. CBD products or food supplements could normalize your hormones and maintain a stress-free environment.


Although smoking is used by most people as a way to relax and relieve stress, the continuation of this habit can lead to problems with your heart as well as to cancer tumors. CBD has both relaxing and anti-tumor qualities. All cannabidiol products offer a way to help you relieve stress and escape the symptoms of tobacco withdrawal.

30. Recovering from sports injuries is faster with CBD oil.

Recovering from sports injuries is faster with CBD oil.

Doing sports gets more blood to the brain, gives you endorphins and makes you feel more energized and motivated. But too much exercise can be dangerous for you – you can get injured.

Just like in the case with general pain and inflammation, CBD products can help you recover properly without affecting your performance by getting you high. They: 

  • Protect you in the case of concussions
  • stimulate the appetite
  • alleviate pain and inflammation from muscle spasms.

The CBD supplies the body with additional cannabinoid molecules.

The endocannabinoid ones, the ones we all have in our bodies, are the ones responsible for regulating the immune system and the healing processes.


Doing sports is good for your health, but too much of it, or doing it wrong can have dangerous consequences for you. After sports injuries, you can use CBD oil both for internal and external pains and wounds, as it supplies the body with additional cannabinoids which strengthen its healing power.

31. CBD has stress-relief qualities

CBD has stress-relief qualities

Stress is part of our everyday life and even if you try, it is not easy to resist stress at all times. Too much stress can be dangerous for your health, in a literal meaning.

Like the case is with CBD and anxiety or CBD and depression, in a situation where stress is prevailing, CBD can be the answer.

CBD oil benefits include:

  • relaxation of the body
  • alleviation of anxiety levels
  • restoration of its normal functions. 

After the ingestion of CBD oil, or other CBD food supplements, the central nervous system starts working properly, which in turn regulates the levels of serotonin and alleviates stress.

CBD also reduces social anxiety and could go as far as to optimize anxiety disorders as well.


Like in the case with anxiety and depression, stress is responsible for a lot of health problems. Those can be solved, or you can at least ease the symptoms with the help of CBD oil.

32. Recovering from a stroke: CBD oil can only benefit you

Recovering from a stroke CBD oil can only benefit you

The stressful everyday life and bad eating habits could lead not only to unhealthy weight gain but also to brain disfunctions, which could lead to a stroke.

Getting a stroke means that the blood flow to the brain has been interrupted, and the brain cells have no oxygen and slowly start dying.

CBD oil helps you with recovering quickly from a situation like this. It reduces the inflammation and oxidation in the brain. In cases like this, the inflammation can affect healthy brain cells, too, and CBD protects those cells.

Used as a food supplement, it helps the brain restore its functions and the synapses between the neurons.


Strokes, like seizures, are connected to a disturbance in the normal work of the brain. CBD products can supply the brain with cannabinoids, and help the nervous system recover faster after a stroke.

33. Benefits of CBD oil on sunburnt areas

Benefits of CBD oil on sunburnt areas

As the climate is changing, the sunrays get stronger, which results not only in the melting of huge masses of ice, but also in harm to your skin. Sunburn is one negative effect of staying too long under the UV rays.

A sunburn occurs when the skin is trying to repair damaged skin cells with inflammatory ones. Sunburn can result in: 

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Peeling skin
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

CBD products, such as CBD oil, are helpful against all those symptoms – they have a soothing effect on the skin, are anti-inflammatory, and help against nausea and vomiting.


Sunburn is very common, especially since the ozone layer is getting thinner and thinner. CBD oil is a plant-based product, which heals your skin cells after a sunburn. It also has other positive benefits for additional side effects of a sunburn.

34. Conclusion:

cbd benefits for everything

As you can see above, there are many different medical and recreational benefits of CBD and THC products. The former has more medical and recreational applications though, because it lacks the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) psychotic effects on the mind.

The benefits of CBD products are much more than its side effects and possible negative influences. Like every product, cannabis ones have official side effects, but they depend on the way the product is consumed or applied.

Since CBD is extracted from a plant with a special technique, cannabis oil could have no side effects for you, if you use it in the right dosage.

The benefits, on the other hand, are not limited to only one field, they cover almost all aspects of life, which means that the CBD products in general need to regain the trust of the general public and be reincarnated as legal medicine.

Whether it is about different forms of anxiety and depression, about alleviating skin conditions and sunburn, or lessening the symptoms of serious diseases and conditions such as cancer or Alzheimer`s, Formula Swiss CBD oil is the answer.

We at Formula Swiss believe that our products will help you deal with your health problems in the best possible way, without doing harm to your organism!

This article was written by an independent and third-party author specialising in CBD, hemp and cannabis research. Any opinion, advice or recommendation expressed in the article does not reflect the opinion of Formula Swiss AG or any of our employees. We do not make any claims about any of our products and refer to our disclaimer for more information.

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