Are there any side effects of cannabis oil?

Understanding Cannabis Oil

The increasing popularity of cannabis oil has led to many individuals considering its use for various health conditions. While cannabis oil is often well-tolerated, it's essential to understand its potential side effects and interactions with other medications.

Are There Any Side Effects of Hemp Oil?

Key Points to Consider

  • Cannabis oil is generally well-tolerated but can cause side effects.
  • Common side effects include dry mouth, diarrhoea, and drowsiness.
  • Cannabis oil can interact with other medications, such as blood thinners.
  • Concerns exist about the purity and dosage of cannabis oil products.
  • Formula Swiss works with EIHA Consortium to ensure cannabis products are tested on hundreds of people for potential side effects and to date no side effects have been found.

Potential Side Effects of Cannabis Oil

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth, medically known as xerostomia, is a condition where the salivary glands in your mouth don't produce enough saliva. This lack of moisture can lead to bad breath and a diminished sense of taste. Over time, dry mouth can contribute to oral health issues like tooth decay.


Diarrhoea is characterized by frequent, loose, or watery bowel movements. It can lead to dehydration if not managed properly, requiring the intake of fluids and electrolytes.

Reduced Appetite

A reduced appetite can be particularly concerning, especially for children or individuals with preexisting health conditions. Less desire to eat can lead to malnutrition and weight loss.


Drowsiness is not just about feeling sleepy; it's an overall sense of lethargy that can impair your ability to focus, think clearly, and react quickly. If you experience drowsiness while taking cannabis oil, it may be necessary to adjust your dosage or consult a healthcare provider.


Fatigue goes beyond mere tiredness. It's a pervasive feeling of exhaustion that can affect both physical and mental well-being.

Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure, or hypotension, can manifest as dizziness, lightheadedness, and in severe cases, fainting. Immediate medical attention is advised if symptoms persist.


Light-headedness can be disorienting, making you feel like you're about to faint. It can be accompanied by nausea and may affect your ability to focus or perform tasks effectively.

Interactions with Other Medications

Cannabis oil can interact with other medications you may be taking, such as blood thinners. This can lead to increased side effects or reduced effectiveness of your medications.

Purity and Dosage Concerns

There are also concerns about the purity and dosage of cannabis oil in products, as some may contain less cannabis oil than labeled and may include THC.

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