United Nations Panel releases first-ever review of marijuana

United Nations Panel releases first-ever review of marijuana

A committee working under World health organization WHO is going to review the status of marijuana according to international law. A recent document has been issued by the same committee in which positive values and technical benefits of the plant are highlighted. The document states that plant of marijuana has huge potential value.

A pre-review by this committee is mentioning the importance of marijuana that will be revealed in a meeting next week. According to sources, this review will not only manipulate the International Drug Policy but also the local national policies of the countries that have strict laws against cannabis.

Expert Committee on Drug Dependence that’s also known as ECDD, working under WHO, offered its expert documentation and findings on request of the United States Government. The government of US asked for the international public perception of marijuana development. So, the comments and views of around 17,000 people have been gathered so far. These comments and views are gathered by the Food and Drug Administration. They will use these 17,000 comments to inform WHO about what normal national beings are thinking about this policy.

Before this report, researches were done for CBD and found it as a low-risk herb that has less negative but more positive impacts on the health. These findings were generated after having a critical analysis of the patients using CBD. Thus, in the recent document, the overall science behind marijuana plant is also analyzed for the tinctures and extracts of Cannabis such as THC and THC isomers.

Findings stated by the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence

The findings were divided into three terms:

  1. Potential Risks
  2. Benefits Against Chronic Diseases
  3. Wrong Perception About Marijuana and Cannabis Usage

Well, first of all, the committee issued some statistics in which it was stated that no death has been caused due to the use of Marijuana. It only manipulates mental activities and cannot take the life of a patient thus; it can be regarded as a relatively safe drug.

In the document offered by ECCD from WHO it is mentioned that Cannabis has been a very effective drug to fight against cancer cells. It not only destroys the cancer cells but also decreases their further proliferation. There are numerous cancer cell types that were tested and for most of them, Cannabis proved to be active against the migration and angiogenesis of cancer cells of numerous types.

Third and last important point of the ECDD document is that there is a lot of negative stuff attached with this drug, which is false. All the negative pieces of evidence claiming marijuana to be a negative drug are proven to be wrong.

Therapeutic benefits of cannabis

There were several health problems and issues studied while examining the effects of Cannabis in which the drug offered a positive impact. Fighting against cancer producing cells is an example of benefits you can have from CBD. This is the reason, authorities have legalized marijuana.

Further conditions in which Cannabis has offered Therapeutic Benefits are:

  • Appetite Stimulation,
  • Chronic Pain,
  • Epilepsy,
  • Neuropathic Pain,
  • Opioid Withdrawal,
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Sleep Disorders.

Patients with above-mentioned issues seem to have recovered after the intake of cannabis drug. Researchers, scientific literature, and the doctors working with this drug stated that:

  • Cannabis reduces pain in the head,
  • Promote sleep and decrease sleep anemia
  • Patients with Parkinson’s disease noticed an improvement in their health as their motor functions were improved after using cannabis.

Nevertheless, the report by ECDD stated in its pre-review that enough research on clinical and technical basis has been done to generate the above readings that are highlighting the positive impacts of cannabis and its potential therapeutic benefits.

According to Michael Krawitz, the international lawmaking bodies are so slow and very ignorant against marijuana and spreading its positive impacts. He said that international bodies don’t seem to look at marijuana as a priority. Michael Krawitz is a retired officer from US Air Force. He has been an active part of the movements done to bring reforms in the rules and regulations made against marijuana in the international community. He himself has been evident to see the positive impacts of marijuana on the medical field.

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