U.S. welcomes Jamaica’s legal THC products

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Jamaica's historic THC export to the United States

In a landmark move, a cannabis company based in Jamaica has achieved a significant milestone by successfully exporting cannabis-derived THC products to the United States for analytical testing. This event marks the first legal THC export from the Caribbean island nation to the U.S., heralding a new era in the global cannabis supply chain. The products, destined for a facility licensed by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), were developed by Pure Jamaican and its GMP-certified, licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer, Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals.

The journey to legal export

Jamaica's venture into the legal export of cannabis for medical, scientific, and related purposes has been years in the making. The Jamaican government legalized the commercial export of cannabis products in 2015, but it wasn't until 2021 that regulations for exporting medical cannabis were officially approved. Pure Jamaican aims to capitalize on this opportunity by exporting proprietary pharmaceutical products containing cannabis-derived THC, hemp-derived CBD, and other cannabinoids to major markets such as the United States and Brazil.

A milestone for Jamaica 

The successful export of THC products to the U.S. is not just a triumph for Pure Jamaican but also a proud moment for Jamaica. Scott Cathcart, CEO of Pure Jamaican and Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals, emphasized the significance of this achievement, highlighting Jamaica's evolving role as a legal producer and exporter of THC for pharmaceutical use. This development is particularly noteworthy as Pure Jamaican stands as the only company in Jamaica licensed for the pharmaceutical manufacturing of cannabinoids.

DEA's role and cannabis rescheduling

The export comes at a time when the DEA is considering changes to the federal classification of marijuana, potentially easing restrictions and fostering research and development in the cannabis sector. The Assistant Secretary for Health at the Department of Health and Human Services has recommended rescheduling cannabis to a less restrictive classification, which could significantly impact the future of cannabis pharmaceuticals and research in the United States.

Expanding to other markets

Pure Jamaican and Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals are not stopping with the U.S. market. Following the regulatory approval in Brazil for pharmacy sales of medicinal cannabis products in 2019, Seven-10 has begun shipping medicinal cannabis formulations to Brazilian patients. The U.S. and Brazil together represent a vast market, offering significant opportunities for the expansion of Jamaica's medicinal cannabis industry.

Jamaica's rich botanical heritage

Dr. Ellen Campbell Grizzle, chief regulatory and compliance officer of Pure Jamaican and Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals, pointed out Jamaica's unique position as home to a significant percentage of the world's medicinal plants. The company's efforts to explore new botanical medicines are not only about bringing health and wellness benefits but also aim at driving economic growth and exporting opportunities for Jamaica.

  • Pure Jamaican's groundbreaking export of THC to the U.S. marks a significant milestone in the global cannabis industry.
  • The legal exportation paves the way for further scientific research and development of cannabis-derived pharmaceuticals.
  • With the potential rescheduling of cannabis under U.S. federal law, the door opens for more extensive medicinal use and acceptance of cannabis products.

As Jamaica and Pure Jamaican lead the way in the legal cannabis export market, the global perspective on cannabis continues to evolve. This historic export not only signifies a major step forward for the cannabis industry but also reinforces the potential for future collaborations and advancements in cannabis research and medicinal use.

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