Argecanna’s new initiative: A step forward for medical cannabis in Austria


ArgeCanna launches groundbreaking initiative for medical cannabis

In a significant move towards medical progress, ArgeCanna has recently launched a new citizen's initiative aimed at overturning the prescription ban on medicinal cannabis flowers under § 14 of the Narcotics Act in Austria.

This bold step, strongly supported by us at Formula Swiss, a proud member of ArgeCanna in Austria, marks a pivotal moment in the nation's healthcare landscape.

The drive for change

The initiative is not just about lifting the existing ban but also about establishing regulations akin to those in Germany, where health insurance companies can only refuse to cover cannabis therapy costs in justified exceptional cases.

This approach is rooted in the "Entourage Effect," recognized since the early 2000s, highlighting the higher biological activity of natural cannabis flowers compared to isolated pure substances. The synergy of phytocannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp plant potentially offers better therapeutic effects for patients.

Challenging the status quo

The argument that isolated pure substances can be more precisely dosed in the medical field is being questioned. While this may be true for certain patient groups, the majority are capable of effectively using natural cannabis flowers. Technological advancements now provide precise dosing options, including dosing aids, capsules, and scales.

Why this initiative matters

Cannabis has proven to be an effective medical tool, offering advantages over other medications. It's high time Austria recognizes this progress. Germany took steps in 2017 to liberalize the medical use of cannabis, but Austria remains one of the last EU countries to restrict access to medicinal cannabis flowers. The use of the cannabis flower is beneficial, especially considering its higher bioavailability when vaporized compared to orally ingested Dronabinol.

A vision for patient care in Austria

Our goal is clear: patients in Austria should have the same access to medical treatments as their European counterparts. We urge you to join us in fighting for a healthier, fairer Austria. Support us by signing our petition and raising awareness for this crucial initiative.

The power of citizen initiatives

While citizen initiatives may often seem to have little impact, they play a crucial role in the democratic process. They force politicians to engage with issues that might otherwise be overlooked or ignored.

Each initiative sends a signal that there is a group of people serious enough about a cause to take action. This cannot be easily dismissed and ensures that topics are placed on the political agenda.

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Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen

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