Slovenia bans CBD after local producers poison children

Slovenia bans CBD after local producers poison children

The Slovenian government, as the first in the EU, has fully taken EFSA's position and sent inspectors to all producers with an unambiguous mandate to stop the sale of CBD and cannabis extracts after children were poisoned from poisonous material impurities.

At the beginning of the year, the European Commission placed CBD cannabinoid products in a catalog of novel foods that list foods that have no known use history before 1997 and are considered unsafe for the consumer. Food manufacturers must therefore provide proof of safe use, which is a very time-consuming and expensive process.

The Ministry of Health in Slovenia cites poisoning as one of the reasons for the withdrawal of CBD products. According to the CBD, children are also poisoned.

According to the ministry, there have already been several poisonings in Slovenia. The ministry notes that the supply of CBD oils, CBD drops and resins has expanded significantly in Slovenia and elsewhere in Europe.

And according to the ministry, some cases of poisoning have been detected in the use of CBD drops in Slovenia, and even children are poisoned. "These cases point to caution and greater control in this area" the ministry said.

Manufacturers in Slovenia urge the government to focus on measures to ensure consumer safety, but it might already be too late. Testing CBD products require very simple measures like forcing manufacturers to test industrial hemp extract for heavy metals, pesticides and molds. With this simple measure, which can have no negative consequences, and can therefore be taken immediately, the government would have the most It would, of course, implicitly admit that CBD poisoning is not a substance-only poisoning, but an impurity for which control is itself responsible.

According to it is unclear which of the Slovenian manufacturers that produced the CBD products that poisoned the children. The largest Slovenian manufacturers of CBD products are PharmaHemp, Hempika, HempTouch, Bioforma etc.


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