Rise in cannabis use among middle-aged adults

Rise in cannabis use among middle-aged adults

Increasing cannabis use among middle-aged americans

Recent survey data published in The Gerontologist journal reveals that approximately one in six middle-aged adults in the United States acknowledges having used cannabis within the past year. This study, conducted by the University of Iowa's College of Public Health, shines a light on the shifting attitudes and growing acceptance of cannabis use among older demographics.

Survey findings and demographics

The research assessed data from a nationally representative sample of Americans over the age of 50. Results showed that 17 percent of individuals between the ages of 50 and 64 had consumed cannabis in the past year. Interestingly, this demographic also included about eight percent of middle-aged consumers with no prior history of cannabis use, highlighting a trend of new users among older adults.

Changing attitudes towards cannabis

The study participants reported a significant shift in their perceptions of cannabis, with most stating that their attitudes towards the plant had become more favorable as they grew older. This change in perspective is reflective of a broader societal shift towards the acceptance of cannabis, particularly for medicinal purposes.

Projected increase in cannabis use

The authors of the study predict a continued increase in cannabis use among older adults, especially as medicinal cannabis products become more socially acceptable. They project that by 2030, as many as one in five individuals over 50 could be using cannabis, primarily for medical conditions or symptoms.

  • 17% of adults aged 50-64 reported cannabis use in the past year.
  • Shift towards more favorable views of cannabis with age.
  • Projected increase in use, especially for medicinal purposes.

This growing trend of cannabis use among middle-aged and older adults highlights the evolving relationship between society and cannabis, moving away from stigma towards an understanding of its potential therapeutic benefits. As attitudes continue to shift, the role of cannabis in addressing the health and wellness needs of the aging population is likely to become increasingly significant.

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