New York Introduces THC Cap in Hemp Products: Regulatory Update

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New York's Cannabis Control Board Sets THC Cap for Hemp Products

The New York Cannabis Control Board (CCB) recently voted to implement a series of new measures, including establishing a cap on the amount of THC allowed in hemp products. This decision is a response to the increasing presence of intoxicating cannabinoid hemp products in the marketplace.

Understanding the New THC Limitations

The CCB's action follows an emergency and proposed cannabinoid hemp regulation filed earlier this year. The new regulations define the legal threshold of THC in hemp products, aiming to control the level of intoxication these products can induce.

Addressing the Rise of Intoxicating Hemp Products

These measures were initiated due to the proliferation of hemp products with intoxicating levels of THC, defined federally by the 2018 Farm Bill as cannabis flower tested below 0.3% THC. The CCB's decision aims to standardize the THC content in hemp products, safeguarding public health and safety.

Public Comment and Study Analysis

Following a two-month public comment period and an analysis of numerous studies, the CCB established an appropriate limit on the level of THC allowed in each recommended serving of hemp products. This limit is set to be enforced upon publication in the State Register.

New Fees for Licensed Cannabis Labs

In addition to the THC cap, the CCB also voted to establish fees for licensed cannabis labs. These fees will be calculated as 1% of the labs' gross annual receipts or $1,000, whichever is greater, ensuring accountability and standardization in product testing.

Renewal of Medical Cannabis Registrations

The CCB's recent meeting also saw the renewal of licenses for nine registered organizations (ROs) involved in the medical cannabis sector. These renewals underscore the state's ongoing commitment to a regulated and safe medical cannabis market.

The Impact of New THC Regulations

The decision to cap THC in hemp products represents a significant shift in New York's approach to cannabis regulation, balancing the needs of the consumer market with public health concerns.

Future of Cannabis Regulation in New York

As New York continues to refine its cannabis policies, these new regulations are likely to influence future legislative and regulatory decisions, shaping the landscape of cannabis use in the state.

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