Cannabis Use Among Cancer Survivors: A Growing Trend

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Increasing Cannabis Use Among US Cancer Survivors

A recent survey, published in the journal 'Cancers', reveals a significant trend: nearly half of US cancer survivors report using cannabis. Conducted by researchers from the University of Texas, Anderson Cancer Center, and John Hopkins University, the survey involved 1,886 cancer survivors from 41 states, uncovering insightful data on cannabis use in this demographic.

Cannabis Use Patterns Among Survivors

The survey found that 48 percent of respondents have experience with cannabis, with about one-third reporting its use following their cancer diagnosis. The most common methods of consumption were inhaling cannabis flower and using oil extracts. This pattern indicates a growing inclination among cancer survivors to turn to cannabis, either to cope with their diagnosis or manage treatment-related symptoms.

The Role of Cannabis in Cancer Management

The study authors note the palliative use of cannabis during cancer treatment, with its usage increasing post-diagnosis. This trend suggests that cannabis is becoming an important component in the management of cancer-related symptoms. The researchers emphasize the need for regulatory guidance, considering the widespread use of cannabis among cancer patients and its increasing accessibility for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Previous surveys have shown that cancer patients commonly use cannabis to aid with sleep and to improve their ability to cope with their illness. However, many healthcare providers admit to being unprepared to discuss cannabis therapy with cancer patients, highlighting a gap in knowledge and communication.

Understanding Cannabis Products and Usage

The survey sheds light on the types of cannabis products used by cancer survivors and the timing of their use. The preference for inhaling cannabis flower or consuming oil extracts points to specific choices in product types, likely influenced by the desired effects and ease of use.

The timing of cannabis use, particularly its increase following a cancer diagnosis, indicates its role in symptom management during and after treatment. This aspect of cannabis use is crucial for understanding its potential benefits and challenges in the context of cancer care.

Regulatory and Healthcare Implications

The findings of this survey have significant implications for both regulatory frameworks and healthcare practices. The increasing use of cannabis among cancer survivors calls for strengthened regulations to minimize potential adverse effects and ensure safe usage.

Furthermore, the gap in healthcare providers' preparedness to discuss cannabis therapy necessitates enhanced education and training. This would enable healthcare professionals to provide informed guidance to cancer patients considering cannabis as part of their symptom management strategy.

Expanding Research and Understanding

The growing use of cannabis among cancer survivors underscores the need for expanded research into its effects, benefits, and potential risks. Such research would provide a more comprehensive understanding of cannabis as a therapeutic option in cancer care, informing both clinical practice and policy decisions.

As cannabis becomes more integrated into the realm of cancer management, it is crucial to continue exploring its role and impact. This will ensure that cancer survivors have access to safe, effective, and well-regulated cannabis-based options for managing their symptoms and improving their quality of life.

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