Magnolia bakery’s sweet entry into cannabis edibles market

Cup cake with cannabis leaf design

Magnolia Bakery: Blending baking mastery with cannabis innovation

Renowned for its delightful cakes and world-famous cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery is now making headlines by venturing into the cannabis edibles market. Known for scenes in popular shows like Sex and The City and Saturday Night Live, this iconic bakery has collaborated with the award-winning edibles brand Incredibles, infusing their beloved confections with THC.

Global presence meets local flavors

Magnolia Bakery, boasting 22 locations in the Middle East and Asia, announced this exciting venture with THC-infused chocolate bars inspired by their popular banana pudding and red velvet cupcakes. Initially available in Illinois, Nevada, and Massachusetts, these treats are a testament to the bakery's innovative spirit and global appeal.

A foray into the cannabis realm

Marking its first venture into cannabis products, the New York City-based bakery is transforming its desserts into euphoric experiences. With signature banana pudding reimagined as THC-laced chocolate bars, Magnolia Bakery is offering a new take on indulgence. Currently, in New York, licensing challenges limit the availability of these products, but the growing number of dispensaries suggests a potential expansion.

Innovative edibles: A blend of taste and euphoria

Collaborating with Green Thumb Industries, Magnolia has developed two unique edible varieties. The "Swirled Famous Banana Pudding" bar combines vanilla pudding flavors, crispy cookies, and bananas, while the "Red Velvet Piece Ahhh Cake" bar offers a fusion of red velvet cake with creamy cheese frosting. Each piece contains a balanced dose of THC and CBD, promising a delightful and controlled experience.

Consumer caution: Savor responsibly

While these edibles are a treat for the taste buds, consumers are advised to be mindful of the dosage. The tempting flavors can easily lead one to consume more than intended, so planning and moderation are key to enjoying these treats safely.

From bakery to buzz: Customer insights drive innovation

Sarah Gramling, Magnolia’s VP of Public Relations and Partnerships, shares that the idea for these edibles emerged from customer feedback. Fans of the bakery often chose their banana pudding or red velvet cake to satisfy munchies, inspiring this new product line.

Price and availability: Indulgence for a premium

Priced between $18 and $30, depending on the flavor and state, these edibles offer a premium experience. As cannabis legality evolves, the ease of accessing such products could improve, making them more widely available to connoisseurs of fine edibles.

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