Kent State University's Leap into Cannabis Education

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Kent State University's Cannabis Certification Program

Kent State University in Ohio is pioneering cannabis education with the launch of its cannabis certification courses. This initiative is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge in the regulated adult-use cannabis sector. The first classes of this groundbreaking program commenced this month, marking a significant step in cannabis education.

Ohio's Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

Ohio's recent legalization of recreational marijuana through Issue 2, which passed with 57% of the vote, has set the stage for this educational venture. State lawmakers are currently deliberating the specifics of the adult-use cannabis market's launch, with some advocating for a swift start at existing medical marijuana dispensaries.

Preparing for a Growing Industry

Kent State's cannabis certification program aims to equip workers and aspiring business owners with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the expanding recreational cannabis market. Developed in collaboration with Green Flower, a California-based cannabis education specialist, the program offers a blend of theoretical and practical insights into the cannabis industry.

Program Structure and Offerings

The program comprises four distinct non-credit certification courses, each spanning about six months. These courses, delivered online and asynchronously, cover various aspects of the cannabis industry:

  • Cannabis Healthcare and Medicine Certificate
  • Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture Certificate
  • Business of Cannabis Certificate
  • Cannabis Compliance and Risk Management Certificate

Each program, priced at $2,950, is tailored to meet the needs of different segments within the cannabis industry, from healthcare professionals to business owners and compliance experts.

Benefits and Opportunities for Students

Upon completion, students receive a digital certificate and badge, along with membership in a cannabis industry employer network. This network offers various benefits, including virtual career events, priority access to new job postings, and networking opportunities.

Ohio's Expanding Cannabis Industry

Ohio's medical marijuana program currently serves approximately 179,000 patients. The legal medical marijuana industry in the state grew by 24% last year, creating over 1,300 new jobs. Kent State's program is timely, addressing the workforce development needs of this burgeoning industry.

Insights from Industry Experts

Max Simon, CEO of Green Flower, emphasizes the importance of developing a skilled workforce in anticipation of the industry's growth. Daniel Kalef, Green Flower's Chief Growth Officer, highlights Kent State's role as one of the first non-profit universities in Ohio to offer such a program.

Challenges and Prospects in Cannabis Commerce

With cannabis still federally illegal, businesses in Ohio face unique challenges, such as restrictions on interstate cannabis commerce. This limitation underscores the complexity of the industry and the need for well-informed professionals.

  • Overview of Kent State University's cannabis certification courses
  • Impact of Ohio's recreational marijuana legalization on education
  • Future prospects and challenges in Ohio's cannabis industry
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