Cannabis use rises among workers recovering from injuries

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Cannabis: A preferred choice for workers healing from injuries

Recent analysis has shed light on the increasing reliance on cannabis products by Canadian workers recovering from painful, work-related disabilities. Published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health, the study surveyed 1,650 adults disabled due to a physical work injury or illness.

It was found that 22.4 percent of those suffering from "severe pain symptoms" turned to cannabis as part of their treatment, reflecting cannabis's legal status in Canada for both medical and adult use.

Understanding cannabis use among disabled employees

Of all the disabled employees surveyed, 11.5 percent reported using cannabis "to manage conditions associated with the work-related injury." This statistic aligns with previous studies, suggesting a consistent pattern of cannabis use for pain management in work-related injury cases.

Financial implications of cannabis use for recovery

Interestingly, the study noted that those who used cannabis products for their recovery did not show a significant difference from non-users in terms of disability expenditures or health care benefit expenses. This finding is crucial as it suggests that cannabis use does not necessarily lead to increased financial burden in terms of health care costs.

Comparative analysis: Canada and the United states

Contrasting the Canadian data, the United States reports a decline in workers' compensation filings following the legalisation of medical cannabis or adult use. However, US state courts have issued contradictory opinions on whether costs related to medical cannabis are eligible for reimbursement under workers' compensation laws.

Reimbursement policies: A state-by-state divergence

In the US, six states—Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Pennsylvania—currently allow for reimbursements of medical cannabis-related costs. In contrast, seven states—Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Florida, North Dakota, Ohio, and Washington—expressly prohibit such reimbursements. Other states have yet to address the issue directly.

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