Steril antiseptic gel available in 50 ml

Steril antiseptic gel available in 50 ml

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a global explosion in demand for medical supplies and in particular for medical-grade hand sanitisers for hospitals, clinics and private households.

The global supply is currently very limited and as such prices have gone through the roof as it is very challenging to source large quantities of ethanol for the extraction. Furthermore, the sourcing and transport of the product containers and packaging have become increasingly difficult.

Strategic partnership with Swiss pharmaceutical company for production of medical products

As we have a large extraction capability, we have worked together with a highly respective pharmaceutical company specialising in producing medicinal products in Switzerland. We have worked closely together to produce a steril antiseptic gel with 70% ethanol.

The new hand sanitiser product is licensed in Switzerland at BAV and throughly tested with a documented effect against standard bacteria, H1N1 flu etc. We have received numerous expert opinions on the quality and effect.

Purchase responsibly as we only have 25.000 pcs. available

We are offering this product in our webshops at very fair prices for everyone.

We kindly ask that you purchase for you and your family only. We will reject purchase orders for large quantities.

We will be donating steril antiseptic gel to hospitals in Switzerland and Romania. We will also make donations to people in need.

Thank you for your understanding.

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