New pipette design in production

New pipette design in production

We continuously want to improve the customer experience with our products.

Over the last three years, we have developed more than 150 different CBD oil products and continue to come up with new formulations to cover the increasing demand for organic CBD oils.

We have been working closely with our supplier of pipettes for our CBD oils to improve the quality and value for our customers.

The new version of the pipette is even more durable and has been air pressured to not leak under any circumstances during transport on road, sea or air in pressurised and non-pressurised cargo rooms etc.

It has built-in child protection, but it is still possible to open for people with little power in their hands.

Today, we have placed an order of 1.2 million pipettes with the millilitres scale and our brand printed on the pipettes to be delivered by end of May. Very soon all our products will be with the new pipette design.

We look forward to hearing your opinion on the new pipette.

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