New, more potent CBN+CBD oils available

New, more potent CBN+CBD oils available


Our top-rated CBN+CBD oil with 100 mg (1%) CBN and 300 mg (3%) CBD has been in high demand since we made the very first production batch more than a year ago.

Many customers have reported that the CBN+CBD oil has made them more relaxed, balanced and significantly improved their sleep pattern and cycles.

Due to the popularity and the positive customer feedback, we decided to research and develop specialized CBN+CBD oils.

In October 2020, we publicly announced our first planned research collaboration with Dutch researchers on a large double-blinded, randomized placebo-controlled crossover study on more than 300 people in The Netherlands (for more information read: Dutch researchers and Swiss cannabis company tests safe and natural alternatives to solving sleep problems).

This research study did not get the required funding needed for the planned start in 2021. Still, we have not given up on the fundraising for researching into potentially solving sleep problems with our natural cannabis products.

Today, we present two new specialized CBN+CBD oils

We are now adding more concentrated and potent CBN+CBD oils to our product line of specialized oils.

The new oils contain 500 mg (5%) CBN and 500 mg (5%) CBD and 1.000 mg (10%) CBN and 1.000 mg (10%) CBD respectively. We believe this CBN-to-CBD ratio is the optimal ratio for the desired results. We look forward to documenting this through research studies.

These oils are completely free of THC and can safely be used by professional athletes and anyone else worried about potentially failing drug tests testing for THC.

The new CBN+CBD oils are available in our webshop.

Why Cannabinol (CBN)?

CBN is a very popular cannabinoid due to the many documented benefits of this major cannabinoid – particularly in combination with CBD.

CBN is known for being sedative, analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and very popular for improving and enhancing sleep. You can read much more about CBN in this article CBN – Cannabinol.

CBN is created through the ageing process and the external oxidation of the psychoactive cannabinoid "tetrahydrocannabinol", or THC for short. Exposure to oxygen or exposure to heat and light rays promotes the breakdown of the psychoactive effect in the process. The lower the THC content, the higher the CBN content. For this reason, cannabinol can only be found in tiny quantities in fresh cannabis plants and is very expensive to produce naturally.

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