18 new organic CBD skincare products

18 new organic CBD skincare products

As we promised you, we are launching a lot of new CBD products this year. 

Today, we would like to present to you our new product line of 18 new, organic CBD skincare products made from the very best certified ingredients available. 

We spent more than nine months developing all these products and are very satisfied with the results. We hope you and will love them as well.

All CBD skincare products are certified organic, vegan and hand-made. They are also officially registered in EU´s cosmetics database (CPNP).

We use premium packaging like white-glass bottles instead of plastic containers and packaging, when possible, and only use packaging material from sustainable wood production certified in Switzerland.

The new CBD skincare products contain 3 to 6 times more CBD than our previous CBD balms and creams, but are being offered at the same prices as before.

The products are now ready for immediate delivery from our warehouse.

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