The Swiss approach

We use the best ingredients 

We source ingredients from our strategic partners mainly located in Switzerland, Norway and United Kingdom and only work with partners, who have a strong focus on preserving nature and a history of developing excellent quality. We always do our utmost to source ingredients of the highest quality for our products.

All products are 100% natural

All ingredients in our products are from Mother Nature - unless specified otherwise - and 100% natural and organic. 

We support the hemp industry and consumer associations 

We are proud members of European Industrial Hemp Association with headquarters in Germany and strongly support their efforts to unify the european hemp producers in one Pan-European association since november 2005.

We are also proud members of the Swiss Medical Cannabis Association with headquarters in Zürich in Switzerland. MEDCAN reports that between 70.000 and 100.000 patients in Switzerland are using cannabis illegally and are actively fighting the cause of full legalisation of cannabis in Switzerland on all levels, including the political scene.

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