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What are the effects of CBD oil on flu and cold

May 13, 2019 2 min read

What are the effects of CBD oil on flu and cold

Cold and flu are normally caused by a virus. CBD can help you fight against that virus because of its anti-viral properties. It can also help to reduce the pain that is caused by the increase in sinus pressure especially when a person is suffering from cold. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help overcome the cold and flue in limited time.

Anti-viral properties

Because of its Anti-viral qualities, CBD really is beneficial when you suffering from a cough, flu or cold. It helps to fight against virus. You will not have to suffer from symptoms of hangover after taking this natural remedy.

Effects on the endocannabinoid system

This system increase receptors in the brain and the body. The THC activated both receptors name CB1 and CB2; the good thing is that CBD oil does not instantly provoke CB1 and CB2. CB1 is found in the brain and very less in other organs like lungs, liver, and kidney, however, CB2 belongs to the immune system. If the immune system gets disturbed, it might cause many diseases.

Reduce the inflammation

CBD is a major cause of reduction of inflammation. This gives a comfort from the pressure and headache. It doesn’t increase the blood pressure or heart rate. This is another advantage for people who are suffering from the cardiovascular problem.

CBD and food

If you mix Cannabis with other foods like turmeric, it may boost its anti-inflammatory qualities. You can also use it in the form of a tea that really helps to relax your body. CBD plays a role in supporting the immune system. Make a cup of tea and add a few drops of CBD oil in it and you can also add ginger, lemon, and honey for taste. You can also drink your favorite herbal tea with CBD and add a spoon of honey.

Use CBD while taking bath

There are many ways to take CBD but the best one is applying it while taking bath. This is a very healthy way to fight with your cold. There are also many other CBD products that you can use in flu. You can also use CBD SALT as a supplement in order to keep the immune system regulated so it wouldn't catch any cold.

Some other effects

  • CBD helps in the reduction of irritation in the throat.
  • CBD also lower the aches and pains.
  • Hemp oil has another effect called anti-proliferative which helps to stop cell growth of the virus.
  • CBD oil helps to heal lungs.
  • CBD oil is also used for skin massage.

The research said that CBD affects the immune system. But there is no 100% assurance of it. Basically, it supports the immune system, which gradually reduced the inflammation. It is the indication that the immune system is fighting in a healthy way with your enemies (viruses, bacteria, etc.).

This article was written by an independent and third-party author specialising in CBD, hemp and cannabis research. Any opinion, advice or recommendation expressed in the article does not reflect the opinion of Formula Swiss AG or any of our employees. We do not make any claims about any of our products and refer to our disclaimer for more information.

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