Cannabis sativa

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Cannabis sativa

Introduction to Cannabis sativa

Cannabis sativa is a well-known herbaceous plant whose origin is from Asia and in most of the countries that are near equator for example Mexico, Thailand, and Colombia etc. This is being used widely in medicines from ancient time. Cannabis sativa belongs to the family of Cannabaceae. Cannabis sativa is known as a best source of fibers. It is widely known from the ancient times for its usage in medical and textile line. Cannabis sativa are valuable plants for nature. These are using less water than other crops. This is being harvested at a record level. This is being harvested to get the oil, seeds and fiber from it due to its best use in different fields of nutrition, textile and medicine.

Physical appearance of Cannabis sativa

Cannabis sativa is a tall one in size which have green leaves but a lighter shade of green, leaves have a long and narrow shape. Its flower has a longer shape. It is thinner than other types of it, due to which these plants get a healthier growth and lesser risk of fungus attack on its stem even when they grow in a grouped from. Seeds of Cannabis sativa are unisexual. These are small plants but taller than the other types of Cannabis plants. Its male plants are also taller than the ones which are female plants.

Uses of Cannabis sativa

Seeds of Cannabis sativa is most commonly being used in the formation of hempseed oil, that is wisely being used for cooking purposes, in manufacturing of lamps or in being used in making of paints. Seeds of Cannabis sativa are being used as the food item of birds (caged birds) too, because these seeds have the ability to provide the maximum required nutrition to the birds to some extent.

Psychoactive chemical compounds that are available in the flowers of Cannabis sativa are being used for multiple spiritual purposes and for the purpose of medication too. According to history leaves and flowers of Cannabis sativa were being used in the preparation of skin ointments, for the making of teas and tinctures etc. these are the most common preparations that were being gotten by Cannabis sativa.

In India leaves and seeds of Cannabis sativa are being used for making of hypnotic, tranquillizer or in the preparation of agents like anti-inflammatory and for preparation of painkillers.

Farming of Cannabis sativa plants

In the period of vegetative growth, Cannabis sativa requires to have at least from twelve to thirteen hours of light in one day for being stayed vegetative. Level of flowering comes when there occurs a darkness level of at least 12 hours in each day. Period of flowering of Cannabis sativa plants totally depends on the condition of environment.

Flowering cycle can exist at least from the period of nine to sixteen weeks. pH range of the Cannabis sativa in the soil should be between the range of 6.3 to 6.8. But in the case if you want to get best nutrition values from Cannabis sativa plant then you have to maintain pH level in the range from 5.2 to 5.8 which is best level of pH for the cultivation of Cannabis sativa plant. Because this range is being hostile for the most types of bacteria and fungi.

Purpose of the cultivation of Cannabis sativa plants

There are three main purpose which are commonly known behind the cultivation of Cannabis sativa plants at a broad level.

The most common and primary purpose behind the cultivation of Cannabis sativa is to get the fiber from the stems and branches of Cannabis sativa (as Cannabis sativa plant is known as a rich source of fibers).

The second most common purpose of cultivating the Cannabis sativa plants is to get the seeds from it. Seeds of Cannabis sativa plants can be used for the making of hempseed oil which is being used for cooking purposes and in preparation of paints etc. (Seeds of Cannabis sativa plants are known as the best extractor of Hempseed oil) Or one can eat these seeds entirely in its raw form.

Third most common purpose behind the cultivation of Cannabis sativa plants at the broad level is to use it for the purpose of preparation of medicines or recreational purposes. These recreational drugs are being made in between the process of the making of industrial hump with the concentration of compounds known as psychoactive (at very low level to make it useful). Marijuana is also being prepared from Cannabis sativa plants.

Medicinal purposes of Cannabis sativa plants

Cannabis sativa is being used for multiple purposes of medicinal and recreational both. Cannabis sativa can be used by inhaling it or can be used by taking with food items for example in tea.

Following are some medicinal benefits of using Cannabis sativa:

• Marijuana (made from Cannabis sativa) can be used to cure glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease of eye in which the optic disc can be hurt because of the pressure in the eyeball.

• Epilepsy can be cured by Cannabis sativa. Epilepsy is an abnormality that occurs mostly due to the irregular release of electrical pulses of the brains.

• To cure the sensory disturbance or in the case of unconsciousness Cannabis sativa is a best thing to use.

• According to the results of recent studies it has been revealed that Cannabis sativa is being used in the treatment of cancer too. Side effects of Cannabis sativa

Following are some side effects of usage of Cannabis sativa:

• One who is using Cannabis sativa can feel high or it can alter the state of consciousness of the user of it. •

Cannabis sativa can distort the perception level of the person using it.

• Cannabis sativa can increase appetite.

• Cannabis sativa can increase the pulse rate from the normal level.

• Usage of Cannabis sativa can lower the level of concentration. A person who is using it may react more sensitively about the things happening around him.

Cannabis sativa plants are most common and can easily be available around you. At most of the places in the world Cannabis sativa are being cultivated as other crops.

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