Triple Relief and Deep Relief

Triple Relief and Deep Relief

Today, we are proud to present four new CBD creams to you. Or rather, three completely new CBD creams and a rebranded product.

CBD Pain is now CBD Relief

Our best-selling CBD Pain Cream combines the very best plant-based extracts and essential oils, specifically for relief, rapid recovery and muscle support.

It has a premium and quality feel on your skin and contains 600 milligram organic CBD (cannabidiol) mixed with hemp seed oil, hot ginger extract, immortal flower oil lavender and lecithin which have rapid soothing and warming properties for recovery, relief of the skin and muscles.

To be fully compliant with the latest EU cosmetic label regulation, which prevent us from making any kind of health claim for cosmetics products, we decided to change the product name to "CBD Relief Cream". Everything else is still the same.

For a full product description see here.

There are three new variants available

As of today, CBD Relief is also available in two new variants with 300 or 1.200 milligram organic CBD. All other ingredients are exactly the same.

We also made a very special version with 600 milligram CBD and additionally 600 milligram CBG (cannabigerol). Considering it has the exact same ingredients as CBD Pain Cream, but with additionally 600 milligram CBG added, it should be even more effective.

We call this new cream Deep Relief.

Our testing panel loves this combination of two major cannabinoids in high concentrations and has given very positive feedback.

In this article you can read more about CBG (cannabigerol).

Legal, compliant and CPNP registered

All four products are CPNP registered and fully legal in all EU member states.

CBD Relief, 300 mg: registration 3817238
CBD Relief, 600 mg: registration 3817231
CBD Relief, 1200 mg: registration 3817234
CBD Deep Relief, 600+600: registration 3817224

All four CBD creams are certified as vegan by The Vegan Society in the UK and certified as organic by COSMOS ORGANIC in Germany. All ingredients are of plant origin.

The products are available for wholesale and drop-shipping from Friday, November 5th, and in our webshops from November 9th.

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