Save time and money with our new Auto-Ship Program

Save time and money with our new Auto-Ship Program

We have developed a new functionality in the webshop that can save you time and money, when ordering your favourite products. And it is available starting today.

Easily subscribe to the products you love

All you need to do is to choose "Subscribe & Save", when you add products to the basket. You can the decide the quantity of products and choose the delivery interval for each shipment. We then automatically ship the products to your address and you save 10-15% on all orders.

Flexible delivery dates

Effortlessly manage what you receive, when it arrives and the way you pay. Login to from any device and easily update your settings. 

Real-time notifications

We alert you before each delivery or if there are any problems with your account, making it easy for you to keep track of your subscriptions.

No obligations, no hassle

There is no minimum subscription length. You can modify or cancel the subscription any time.

We hope you will test the new function and enjoy saving time and money. It will enable us to plan our stock of products more accurately and in return for this we offer you 10-15% savings on all orders.

Please contact us at for any questions about the new auto-ship function.

This article was written by an independent and third-party author specialising in CBD, hemp and cannabis research. Any opinion, advice or recommendation expressed in the article does not reflect the opinion of Formula Swiss AG or any of our employees. We do not make any claims about any of our products and refer to our disclaimer for more information.

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