Personal protective equipment (PPE) available for everyone

Personal protective equipment (PPE) available for everyone

Since the beginning of March, we have been working on sourcing many million hand sanitisers and protective masks for hospitals, governments and healthcare workers all over Europe in partnership with Swiss medical supplies companies, pharmaceutical companies and producers of medical supplies. 

Quality control in Switzerland

Our strategic partnership allow us to source personal protective equipment (PPE) from trusted suppliers with CE- and FDA certification and test certification on the productions at reasonable prices. As you have probably heard in the media already, many new factories in China, Taiwan and India have started to produce personal protective equipment with fake product licenses under conditions not suitable for medical equipment.

We have temporarily setup a joint unit in Switzerland to check the quality of all incoming products to avoid issues with product quality, quantity, damage during transport and to repack into packaging translated for the target country to ensure the receiver understands the correct use of the protective equipment. 

Now available for everyone

Now that the healthcare workers are well covered with personal protective equipment, we have decided to offer the products to private individuals through our webshops.

It is important in the weeks and months to come when societies start to gradually open up that everyone have access to quality personal protective equipment at affordable prices.

We have a stock of millions of different certified and licensed protective masks and more than 50.000 Liters of hand sanitisers available in our warehouse. Our prices are the lowest prices in Switzerland and we can deliver fast by UPS to any country in the World.

Please notice that the hand sanitiser produced in the United Kingdom has been effectively tested and certified against CovID-19 and other viruses. 

We will add more products to the webshops as we receive them.

We do not allow anyone to take advantage of the situation 

If you want to purchase a large quantity of products for your family, company, organisations or for donations, please contact us at and inform us about the detailed purpose of the order and our team will evaluate it.

We do not allow anyone to resell our products and take financially advantage of the CovID-19 situation by pricing up our products, repacking them etc.

Our products are developed for private and non-medical usage only. 

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