CBD and dogs

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CBD and dogs

If CBD oils benefits humans the way that they do, wouldn’t dogs also be affected? After all, humans are technically animals.

Experiments completed with CBD oil have successfully been performed on rats, but more experimentation needs completed in order to determine the possible effects that CBD may have on dogs. There was an experiment that showed a high dosage of CBD alleviates a certain kind of epilepsy in rats by producing an anti-convulsive effect. Since it helps rats and humans, couldn’t it help your dog too?

CBD oil has been known to help a number of issues

Though it has not been 100% proven, and a lot more testing needs completed, it is impossible to not see the many benefits of using CBD oil for pets. It has been known to help with chronic and severe pain, cramps, anxiety and cancer, help people with eating and psychotic disorders, and epilepsy. CBD also produces minimal side effects that are not as detrimental to the human body as prescription medications. With all the research that has been currently completed and knowing that CBD has helped humans in all of these fashions, plus has helped rats in several of these areas as well, people have started giving CBD oil to their dogs.

What can CBD do for my dog and I?

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety and tears your house up when you leave, has arthritis issues, cancers, or tumors, seizures, skin disorders or an unusually queasy stomach, CBD may be able to help you with all of these dog-related issues and more. Veterinarians are doing more research, and quite a few of them are recommending CBD oil treatments for people’s pets. CBD has been known to have a lot of the same benefits in dogs that it does humans, and people are starting to use it on their dogs as well as themselves.

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain killer. In dogs, CBD can reduce the pain that they experience from arthritis and hip dysplasia, plus CBD has also been shown to reduce the pain that dogs feel from neuropathy and nerve-related issues, inflammation in acute pancreatitis, general inflammation, chronic inflammation and intestinal inflammation. CBD also stops the production of inflammatory macrophages and decreases constant inflammation. Right about now you should be wanting to try CBD oil on your ailing pup, so maybe you should look at some of the other benefits associated with CBD oil in dogs, like the fact that CBD can actually help to stop colitis and prevent inflammatory bowel disease in them.

CBD helps with inflammatory bowel disease by preventing colitis and restoring normal gut motility. It also has antibiotic properties, which equals the killing of the Staphylococcus Aureus infection (MRSA). CBD has also been known to reduce autoimmune disease, and is a powerful antioxidant, possibly a lot more powerful than vitamins C and E. CBD has also been known to decrease the production of the inflammatory cytokines that can cause allergies, hypersensitivities and autoimmunity. A major cause of auto mmune disease can be linked to Th17 dominance, which is suppressed by the use of CBD oil in dogs.

The use of CBD oil has also been researched and it has been noted to increased appetite, decreased nausea and the promotion of cardiovascular health. If your pup is having heart health issues, refuses to eat, or is always in discomfort due to stomach digestion issues, try some CBD oil. Your dog may respond well to this treatment and begin to eat properly, get sick less, and have a better heart examination the next time he sees his vet. CBD has also been associated to better brain health in dogs, as it is always good to keep your pups brain working right. You may be ready to jump into trying CBD and start giving your baby this amazing supplement that seems like it could do nothing but help, right? Y

ou also may have more questions, like; “is this product legal”? It is very highly recommended that you see your doctor before you take or give it to your fur baby. You should always consult with your dog’s medical professional before you start giving them CBD. You should also check the local laws in your country, as you do not want to get into any kind of trouble for trying to help your pup.

What should I look for in the CBD that I am choosing?

One of the very first rules anyone should go by when choosing a CBD oil for your pet, is; if you wouldn’t give it to yourself, do not give it to them. A lot of the people who are looking towards the CBD oil option are normally very big pet lovers, but do not ever try to skimp on something that is meant to improve your dog’s life. Always make sure your CBD oil is 100% organic and has a low THC content. Most CBD oil will have THC in it as it is almost impossible to extract one without the other. You are not trying to get your dog high, you are trying to help him, try to get the lowest content of THC possible. Getting your dog high can have adverse effects and give them anxiety, plus make them uncomfortable and paranoid.

Should I involve my dog's veterinarian?

This cannot be stressed enough, do not give your dog anything until you have talked to their vet. Your veterinarian knows what is best for your baby, always listen to him. If they tell you they do not think it would help and you think it would, get a second opinion, that is your right and there is nothing wrong with it, just listen to the advice of at least one of the medical professionals you choose. You do not want to unintentionally hurt your doggy because you rushed into a treatment thinking it would help. Always seek the advice of a medical professional, whether it be for you or your pup.

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