CBD and cats

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CBD and cats

CBD has recently been blowing up in the media and in the market for pet uses for a while now. Every CBD website has now has an added section for CBD oils or treats for your animals. But what exactly is CBD and why does it help you and your animals so much?

Can oil CBD help cats?

CBD has been known to help with issues like severe and chronic pain, feminine issues, headaches, stomach issues, anxiety, sleep issues, hunger issues, cancer, skin issues, and hair issues. Even though none of this has been 100% proven through medical research, as the FDA just approved CBD oil for further research, a large number of consumers can testify to what CBD has done for them personally.

Why is CBD only a supplement?

CBD does not currently count as a medicine, just a supplement, but as a supplement CBD is doing things that medicine has never been able to do before. CBD is also known as a cannabinoid. It is a substance that is extracted from the hemp and marijuana plants, and turned into oil. A lot of people have been using this oil to help with all sorts of their medical issues even though it is not approved by the FDA as of yet. The supplement does need to be tested further to prove any real medical usage, but as of right now, it can only be used as a nutritional supplement. A variation of CBD, along with endocannabinoid receptors, can be found in some animal’s bodies.

Because of all of this CBD has pretty much been blowing up on the internet and in the stores. A big CBD market that is currently being hit is the animal market. This market is a huge market, and has a lot of potential once testing of CBD as a medical substance is completed, but currently consumers are kind of testing CBD supplements on their own pets.

Giving CBD to pets

There have been numerous cases of people giving CBD to their cats and dogs, each time displaying great uses. So far people have said that they have used CBD on their cats for eating issues, fur issues, skin issues, kitty diabetes, anxiety and tumors or cancers. Vets have even begun to recommend the use of CBD on dogs and cats as a natural supplement to help with a large number of issues and prevent them before they happen.

Cats and food

Cats are very prone to being finicky about food. A lot of cats will either eat only canned or soft food, some will only eat the hard food and some will only kill things to eat.

The first thing you should remember is that cats and dogs are not the same. Cats are very strict meat eaters and they need to be fed a certain amount of meat. If they will not eat what you are giving them, drop some CBD oil into their mouth, then start putting it onto their food every day. Eventually they will want to begin eating more and will be much less finicky about it. In addition to eating issues you can use CBD on your cats for kitty diabetes.

Kitty diabetes

CBD can also help kitties with kitty diabetes. CBD helps with insulin production and inflammation. It affects the endocannabinoids in the cats system which help to balance out the production of insulin to help cats that already have diabetes, plus to prevent cats from getting diabetes.

The fur and the skin

A huge issues that CBD can help cats with is fur and skin issues. Kitties, especially the ones that bounce from inside to outside frequently can develop skin and hair issues. This can be a problem because issues like these can be transferred to your inside cats. Some hair and fur issues can also be transferred to humans. CBD oil can help to stop skin and fur issues, plus it’s oily texture will help to ward off fleas.

Anxiety, cancer, tumors, breathing and the belly

Some cats have very high instances of anxiety.

CBD can helps these kinds of cats to calm down and not worry so much. Essentially, when used topically and internally, CBD has been known to also help ward off tumors and cancers. Which, aside for kitty diabetes, is a huge issue in cats. CBD can also help upper respiratory issues and digestive issues as well. Cats, like humans and dogs, can benefit greatly from the use of CBD supplements. CBD has a wondrous many healing properties that could only do good for your cat.

Side effects for real

There are very few side effects to using CBD, if that is what you really want to call them. CBD has been known to cause drowsiness and an increased appetite. If your cat is already overweight, it is very important to stick with their diet while using CBD, making sure not to give them more just because they want it. An overweight kitty is not a healthy kitty, no matter what you are giving it as food or a supplement.

Give CBD oil to you and your cat

For the most part, if you live in an area where CBD is acceptable to use, you should probably start using it on yourself as well as your pets.

CBD has so many benefits, so little side effects, and it can produce great results. It is a preventative as well as a cure, and it is a wonder that more people are not utilizing this amazing substance.

You should always talk to your pets vet before you make a decision about whether to give your animals CBD, but if the vet gives you the go ahead, don’t you want your pets to have the same health and quality of life that you do?

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