Can CBD oil help horses?

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Can CBD oil help horses?

CBD is a substance that has been known to help with a vast amount of different medical issues. One major issue that it has been known to help with is different kind of pain ranging from severe and chronic to mild and immediate. It has been noted that CBD is extremely helpful for joint pains due to diseases like fibromyalgia and arthritis, but people are still trying to figure out how best to use this substance to fit their needs.

CBD has been known to help animals just as much as it has helped humans, and horses are no exception. As well all know, horses are prone to getting joint and muscle aches and pains, plus disorders like arthritis. Believe it or not, the horse’s jumpy nature, is due to their high level of anxiety. CBD can help horses with both of these issues, plus it can also help with digestive issues.

Is my horse prone to health issues?

Horses are animals that are known to commonly have health issues. These issues end up being present in almost every single horse once they get to a certain age.

Arthritis is one of these issues. This is because horses carry such a big body on a thin and unbalanced frame. A lot of their body weight is in the front which stresses their front hooves and makes them prone to injury, sprains, fractures, and even breaks.

Then, there is a disease called Laminitis, which is an very painful and possibly crippling disease that can affect horses and can even cause horses to die. CBD can help horses with issues like these, plus inflammation and other joint pains.

CBD oil works for horses just like it would work for human beings with arthritis. CBD reduces inflammation, which is pretty much the initial cause of pain in the first place. It also helps with dulling the nerve endings, which helps with pain as well.

Is my horses anxiety normal or an issue?

Another issue that CBD can helps horses with is anxiety.

Just like with humans horses are affected by CBD when it comes to their anxiety. Horses are usually jumpy creatures that freak out at the slightest noise or quick movement, CBD can help to stop sudden reactions from creating a flight or fight response in horses.

You know how you see horses with those eye covers on, so that they do not have their usual anxious reaction? CBD can make those eye covers more effective, and the horse will be less finicky and flinchy. When a horse is getting an overall daily health supplement of CBD oil they will reap the maximum benefits of being cooler, calmer and more collected. They will be much less stressed and will be much less likely to have chronic and severe stress turn into something more serious. Even if your horse isn’t in any kind of pain or does not seem like it a particularly jumpy horse, they still may benefit from the use of CBD oil.

My horse has a tummy upset, can CBD help?

Horses have been known to benefit from CBD internally as well. CBD can help horses with gastrointestinal issues and general digestive health. Horses are not prone to having great digestion and colon health in the first place, and the use of supplements can get expensive for helping a pony with a bad tummy.

Most people do not have an issue spending whatever they need to in order to care for their horses, however, CBD can replace the use of pills and other supplements that your pony may not find very appetizing. All you have to do is add a little bit of the oil to your horses feed daily, or place it under their tongues, for them to get the most benefits from CBD use.

Many horses suffer from digestive issues ranging from indigestion, gas, and heartburn to more severe conditions like colic and gastric ulcers. Cannabinoids, which are naturally in the body anyway, are associated with reducing inflammation in the digestive tract, and when cannabinoids aren’t produced readily enough issues can occur. CBD can add cannabinoids back into the system causing the reduction of inflammation, and it also helps to neutralize acids from conditions like acid reflux.

Is CBD oil truly safe?

CBD oil is a very safe, natural and healthy alternative to other supplements as it helps to aid in pain reduction as well as the reduction of the inflammation that comes from the active lifestyle of a horse. CBD oil has been shown to restore playfulness as well as increase appetite, which helps to improve overall happiness and well-being.

There are a great number of other psychological benefits as well as physical benefits that can come from using CBD oil. One of the biggest physical benefits that CBD Oil has to offer horses is for their digestive tract. By adding a CBD oil to horses food, one can help ensure there is a healthy level of cannabinoids in their horse’s body. This is so that the colon and digestive tract can work at its best.

Can CBD oil really help my horse?

Cannabinoids can help horses from so many different angles that it can be extremely hard to believe how much can be accomplished with a little bit of CBD Oil in a horses daily regimen.

CBD Oil has awesome benefits for you and your horses. It will help them to grow and be as healthy as they can possibly be, whether they are racers, farm-working horses, or just for pets.

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