How can CBD help with PMS?

June 26, 2018 4 min read

How can CBD help with PMS?

Premenstrual cycle is the biggest issue every girl has to deal with. For some it is once in a while and others have to suffer from the issue same issue every month. The worst thing is that it is a natural process that has no remedy. It will only stop when you reach the right age. PMS reduces the productivity of the women because the pain makes it hard for them to focus on the given tasks. Ladies have been looking for a perfect solution for the problem but they have failed every time. Recently, it has been found CBD is very effective against PMS. Here are some of the ways CBD can help you deal with PMS.

Relives pain and cramps

Pain and cramps is the biggest issue women have to deal with. The pain in the abdominal region and below often becomes intolerable. Often girls take pain killers that have more negative effects. However, CBD oil has been proved to be beneficial. It will help to reduce the production of stimulations that cause pain. With CBD the blood vessels will dilate that will increase the blood flow and more oxygen will help relax the muscles. In this way you will get rid of the cramps quickly. You will be able to relax and there will be no pain in your body.

Helps manage mood swings

Mood swings are common in before and during the Menses. There are many girls who deal with the serious type of mood swings. They will remain irritable because of the pain and cramps they have been dealing with. Sometimes they get so irritable that they will fight or remain in the bed. With the help of the CBD it will help ladies deal with the mood swings. The increase in release of relaxation hormones will help to control the condition in the most effective manner. You will notice that the frustration and irritability will be controlled and you will have a better mood.

No more acne

Most of the girls fear PMS, because of the acne and pimples that develop on the skin. It does not only affect their skin but they also get stressed because their beauty is affected.

1. Most girls suffer form acne because of PMS.
2. That is why they avoid going out and all other type of physical activities.
3. With the help of CBD acne can be controlled.
4. When CBD will increase the flow of blood towards skin that will help in removal of all the toxins and so acne will be dealt with to a great extent.
5. You will notice that with regular use your skin tone will be improved and your skin will become smoother.
6. However, you have to assure that you only take the recommended dosage. No doubt there are no side effects of CBD but still it is better that you control the consumption.

CBD oil helps with digestive issues during PMS

It has been found that most of the ladies have to suffer from the digestive issues during PMS. The excessive release of hormones and overeating might be the reason behind it. Constipation is the common issue during PMS. In a recent research it has been shown that the CBD can help deal with the digestive issues. It will help in the dilation of the intestine. As well as it will increase the production of digestive hormones that will help in the quick digestion of food. In limited time you will notice that your stomach will be free of the pain and gas that you might have been dealing with.

No more stress or anxiety during PMS

PMS often leads to anxiety and stress. The continuous pain and inability to work is the reason that most girls are stressed. They often feel depressed and this is the reason they will not associate with any kind of activities. CBD is a great help in this situation. It will help release the relaxation hormones. That way the increased heart beat will be controlled. As well as you will not have to worry about the extra pain. When you will be relaxed you will not have to deal with anxiety. It is very helpful during PMS. All your symptoms will be controlled.

Manage nausea and vomiting

It is not easy to deal with PMS specially when you are dealing with nausea and vomiting. It commonly happens because girls get cravings during PMS, they will eat anything they want. When the food is not properly digested it leads to nausea and vomiting. In order to deal with this issue you can use the CBD oil. Take a bath in the CBD essential oil. It will help to control the feeling of nausea. Even after over eating you will not have to deal with any issues.

Get proper sleep

Pain, anxiety and stress is the reason most women are unable to sleep because of PMS. The will stay awake all night that will make them feel lethargic. This is the reason they are often unable to give their best performance. Using the CBD oil is the best solution that they have. You can take smoke the CBD before going to bed and it will help you to have a relaxing and peaceful sleep. You will not even feel like you were suffering from PMS symptoms. It will help you maintain your productivity. You will be relaxed and more energetic during the day.

No more fatigue

Muscular pain and fatigue are also some of the rare symptoms of PMS you might have you deal with. Assure that you start taking the CBD as soon as you notice the minor symptoms of CBD because that is the only way you can control the further serious symptoms.

It is important that you take the recommended dose of CBD oil because that will be very helpful. Taking the dose on regular basis will help you deal with the PMS . After few months you will not have to deal with the issue again.

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