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Huffington post speaks on cannabis for cancer

May 08, 2019 3 min read

Huffington post speaks on cannabis for cancer

The 21st century is characterized by costly procedures with health insurance covers as the only option in conventional medicine. As the conventional methods integrate technology and machinery in the process, the more costs increase and thus more and more expensive for common citizens. As a result, people are constantly finding alternative medicine, something affordable - Cannabinoids.

Cancer is one of the increasingly expensive diseases to deal with. Chemotherapy sessions are not cheap! And you need more than one or two. Depending on how far the cancer cells are spreading and influencing your body functions, the money you spend on procedures will vary. Huffington Post for the first time has come out publicly to comment on the increasingly popular topic on Cannabis. While most of professionals and organizations in the health field and corporate fraternity in general are skeptic about its workability, Huffington Post and members of the public think otherwise. According to this popular publisher, there is a possibility of Cannabis being an alternative option for Cancer and many other ailments.


While it may look as a modern topic leading to unnecessary controversies, it is not. Cannabis relation to medicine is common since its existence as a plant. In 2900 BC, for instance, Emperor Fu Hsi publicly recommended the use of Cannabis as medicine. At the time, there was no technology and methods of extracting oil from the Marijuana plant or making powder. Cancer probably existed in the early days, just that it had a different name. Sick people with “strange” diseases were given the plant either to chew in its rawness or roll it and smoke. And yes, it would work. No has lived longer than people using traditional medicine. Recent news in the US indicates addition of cannabis to the pharmacopeia fronted as a solution for variety of illnesses.

The National Cancer Institute recently posted a review of their thoughts on Cannabis, the research institute hints on Cannabis’ role in inhibiting growth of cancer cells. Besides, the product from Marijuana decreases inflammation and pain involved as well as decrease levels of stress and anxiety.

Animal studies

The Huffington Post references to studies conducted in 1990s on mice, which depicted the effect of cannabinoids on animal cells. In fact, the studies proved that cannabinoids suppress growth of tumors. The British Journal of Pharmacology posted of a review in this regard earlier in 2006 including pros and cons associated with use of cannabis in procedures. The post itself is a proof that Cannabis alters cells in the body. Besides, the long list posted in the journal had positive elements outweighing negatives by far.

According to the Huffington Post, cannabis is a promising alternative and hope for cancer patients. There is need for further exploration of the thought with an open mind for the benefit of human race.

Synthetic approval

The debate on credibility and legitimacy of using cannabis began decades ago. Since then, multiple clinical tests have been conducted to either prove or challenge the notion. The result is wide acclamation and acceptance by these organizations. The soothing experience on Cannabis procedure should not be disregarded according to Huffington Post. FDA has approved all relating lab tests on components of Cannabinoids and its influence on human brain and behavior.

Nevertheless, there is still stigma in the community on matters regarding marijuana. Despite the years of controversies, little research is going in this respect. Besides, materials and resources for research are conspicuously unavailable with suitable people to give direction shying way form the responsibility.

There are tales of existing survivors after use of cannabis pills and some the plant itself. Huffington Post, for instance, mentions Andy Ashcraft, for his confidence and overcoming stigma. After a positive cancer diagnosis in 2010, doctors assured him of a maximum of 3 months to live. He became desperate and sourced for alternatives and landed on cannabis. He is a proof of success because he is alive today, eight years later.

The choice is yours

While awareness programs in the community are helping in decreasing stigma around cannabis, it is a slow process. Besides, it takes immense courage to avoid getting daunted by statistics. But if there is a proven therapy, which is cheap and readily available and most importantly natural, why not give it a try?

This article was written by an independent and third-party author specialising in CBD, hemp and cannabis research. Any opinion, advice or recommendation expressed in the article does not reflect the opinion of Formula Swiss AG or any of our employees. We do not make any claims about any of our products and refer to our disclaimer for more information.

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