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How CBD helps with anxiety caused by public speaking

April 10, 2019 3 min read

How CBD helps with anxiety caused by public speaking

As one of the most common forms of anxiety, the phobia of speaking in public places plagues a staggering number of people. It’s is characterized by an onset of very strong feelings of unpleasantness, and besides the usual sweaty hands, increased heart rate and stuttering, it can result in a full blown panic attack, which is no laughing matter at all.

Most of the people that have this issue tend to disregard and ignore it, which only makes things worse in the long run. This can result in a person changing their entire life so they don’t have to face this phobia, for instance selecting a career path where there isn’t any public speaking involved, that they otherwise would never choose.

This type of anxiety can also be very problematic for younger generations, especially at the elementary and high school levels of education, because they require a lot of public speaking in classes. And when we consider that anxiety in general is afflicting more people than ever before, it’s safe to say that this issue should be addressed as soon as possible.

Some individuals develop this phobia later in life, and while they have a much better internal mechanism against it, the biggest problem for them is as they advance with their careers, that usually requires that they share their knowledge and savvy with younger coworkers in a greater extent, which causes intense anxiety.

While it doesn’t seem as a much of a serious problem for people who don’t experience such issues, having a public speaking phobia can be a real torment, because the amount of situations where this is required is simply colossal throughout one’s life, and dreading these situations on a regular daily basis also has nerve-wrecking consequences.

Until quite recently, the only way to deal with these conditions is either by psychotherapy (which is still heavily avoided by a large percentage of anxiety sufferers, mostly because of the social stigma associated with it), and regular anti-anxiety pharmaceutical drugs.

While these medications undoubtedly offer relief for many anxiety patients, they are artificially created and have a lot of unhealthy components in them. Two of the biggest issues with these drugs is that they cause relentless addiction, and because of their artificial nature, they cause various negative side effects for the user.

If all of this wasn’t enough, they’re also frequently unable to aid the person with their anxiety to any full extent.

In recent years various official scientific studies have proven that cannabidiol (or CBD) is an all-natural solution for a wide variety of physical and psychological issues, and this compound also works for anxiety disorders.

For anxiety, CBD works in two ways. The first of them is that it helps the neurogenesis of the hippocampus, which is substantially smaller in patients who suffer from this disorder. Cannabidiol causes the accelerated birth of new neurons, which changes the chemistry of the brain to become less-anxious.

The second way it attacks anxiety is by changing the way our brain uses the available serotonin (which is a mood-elevation compound), and studies have shown that people who struggle with anxiousness and depression have lesser amounts of serotonin in their system. CBD increases the levels of serotonin, causing a person to feel much more joyous and exuberant.

What’s also paramount for this cannabinoid is that, causes absolutely no mental sensations, because it’s completely non-psychoactive.

CBD for anxiety

CBD for anxiety

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