Things you need to know while traveling with CBD

May 13, 2019 4 min read

Things you need to know while traveling with CBD

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is used as a medication for different health problems. It provides relief from pain. It interacts with the receptors of the immune system due to which you feel the reduction in inflammation and pain. It is useful to overcome the state of anxiety by relaxing the muscles of your body and the nerves of your brain. If anxiety is not dealt with on time it might lead to depression. It is also very effective to fight cancer. According to some studies, it is stated that CBD has the ability to kill the tumour cell in both leukaemia and colon cancer. In addition, it is also very useful to reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Along with these benefits, it offers many other advantages that are beneficial for health.

Well, even when it is effective against different health diseases, it is still prohibited to carry CBD while travelling. It is prohibited because it is considered a drug in some ways. It offers you addiction if you consume it in high potency or regular basis.

This substance is obtained from the plant of marijuana, which is a drug plant in itself. It offers you the feel of drugs that’s why it is prohibited in some cases. But it is not the thing that you can’t carry it while travelling in any way. There is a chance that there may be a patient whose essential medication is CBD oil and he has to carry it while travelling for his health's sake, then it is allowed but only by following some tips. If you do not follow these tips, then you will be not allowed to carry CBD along with you while travelling.

Well, some of those things that you should need to know while travelling with CBD are as follows:

1. Carry only the allowed dose

If you want to carry CBD along with you, you have to stay within the carrying limit. The maximum quantity allowed to carry while travelling is equal to the prescribed 30 days dosage or 150 grams. If you carry more quantity and you caught by the authority, then you may face some legal charges. In addition, your CBD will also be taken by the police and never get back that quantity.

2. Keep it in your carry on

You should always keep the CBD in your carry-on while travelling. Well, there is no reason to keep a CBD with you without any medical prescription. It is recommended to keep it in your carry on instead of your checked bags because there are dogs at every point to check out whether there is any narcotics substance available in the bag or not. That’s why it is risky to keep it in your luggage. In addition, there is also not allowed to keep any kind of medicine in your luggage because they are for dealing with a current condition and there’s no reason to keep it away from you. So, it is highly recommended to keep the CBD in your carry on to stay away from any kind of legal offences.

3. Bring your documentation

When you have to keep CBD along with you, then it is important to bring the documentation with you. As we all know that there are only two purposes of taking CBD along with you. First one is narcotics and second one as medications. So if you are taking it as medications, then it is very important to keep the proper documentation of your disease and its dosage along with you while traveling because you may be checked at any point by the police and in case, you cannot show the documentation related to the CBD substance that you are carrying with you, it will be considered as the drug and you will be arrested for this crime. That’s why never forget to bring your complete documentation along with you in case you are going to carry CBD while travelling.

4. Show up a little early

Taking drugs while travelling is considered as the sever crime all around the world. In case you have to carry CBD along with you in the flight, then you should arrive at the airport at least one hour early because there is a chance that the police at the airport may take your documentation for verification purpose. This protocol takes a little more time. Just in case, you arrive in the meantime at the airport and the police ask you for the verification, then you could miss your flight. That’s why it is recommended that you should show up a little early at the airport if you are going to travel with CBD so that you don’t miss the flight due to the verification process.

5. Keep it odour-free

Another tip to be considered while travelling with CBD is to keep it completely odour-free. In case CBD and other stuff start smelling like the CBD oil due to its existence, then there is a huge chance that the police notice that you are carrying that substance along with you. Well, this is not much problem to think because you will only be checked and not get arrested if you have all the documentation and medical permission to keep it with you but you will face a little bit delay in the verification process. So, to be safe from this kind of delay, make sure that you have packed the CBD in odour-proof packaging so that it does not spoil other stuff and navigate to its existence.


Well, according to above-described aspects and tips, you have to be very conscious and careful while travelling with CBD. Remember that you might have to suffer from strict criminal charges if you are unable to show any proof that CBD you are carrying is only for medical purposes. That’s why it is very important to consider the above-described things while travelling with the CBD oil.


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