How Chiropractors are using CBD in their procedures

April 09, 2019 4 min read

How Chiropractors are using CBD in their procedures

According to the recent report by the National Organization of Reforms of Marijuana Law, there are more than 14 million Americans who smoke CBD on regular basis. It means that marijuana or CBD is 3rd most commonly used drug in America.

In the beginning, people were using cannabis because if the relief that is given but now most of the individuals are taking it for the medical benefits that come with it. That is why CBD is now infused in different products to help the people easily consume or apply the product the way they want.

Recently, it has been found that there are several Chiropractors who are planning to use CBD while doing procedures for their patients. There are some Chiropractors who are already practicing the use of CBD. Here we have some of the common ways they are using CBD for helping their patients.

CBD topicals for superficial pain

The main goal of Chiropractors is to help the patients who are dealing with different types of pains associated with the spine and back. There are many individuals who are suffering from superficial pain that happens because of sickness, fatigue or other issues. The Chiropractors often suggest these patients use CBD topicals. There are general CBD infused creams and other products that you can apply on the part of your body that is painful.

It is perfect for the superficial pain because you will not only get rid off of pain but also you will not have to deal with any kind of side effects that are associated with the chemical-based creams available in the market. Chiropractors topicals because they have seen the positive results in most of their patients. It will relax the muscles that will improve the flow of blood and patient will not have to deal with pain.

CBD oil for deep massage

Most of the patients are suffering from pain that is not superficial. It commonly happens because of the compression of nerves or trigger point formation in the muscles. It will cause deep pain in the muscles that are hard to locate but it will surely affect the activities of daily life.

In order to deal with this situation, the Chiropractors often suggest the utilization of CBD oil. They will massage the area that is painful. The oil will infuse into the skin and affect the area which is the cause of pain. The experts will follow special movements of hands to assure that they can stimulate the muscles to remove the trigger points or nerves to enhance the supply of nervous stimulus. It will help to improve the overall condition of the patient. As well as the use of CBD oil will help to improve the recovery power.

CBD tincture for muscular issues

Recently it has been found that there are many individuals who are dealing with the low back pain. the common cause of this issue is poor posture and lack of exercise. This is the reason Chiropractors are advising their patients to use tincture. These are supplementation of CBD that is orally given.

  1. There are some products that you will have to keep under your tongue.
  2. It will infuse into the bloodstream and reach the area that is painful.
  3. It will stimulate the relaxation receptors in that area and inhibit the receptors of pain. In this way, the patient will not have to feel any kind of pain.

Tinctures have been proven to be successful in many cases because the patients were relaxed enough that they did not even feel the mobilization and manipulation techniques Chiropractors were using on them to assure that muscles will come back to their original relaxed position. CBD made the process easier for patients and Chiropractors.

CBD vape for anxiety

We already know that there are many individuals out there who are already using CBD vape for relaxation. However, Chiropractors has been able to find out that there are many patients who are dealing with pain and muscular issues induced by anxiety and stress. During the anxiety or panic attack, all the muscles of body become stiff. It gets hard for the patients to often relax properly. That is why when the muscles cannot go back to their original position, patients will have to deal with pain.

Apart from all the other techniques that Chiropractors are using, they suggest such type of patients to vape CBD. It helps them with their anxiety. Once the stress is reduced patients do not feel any kind of pain in their body. It has helped many patients recently.

CBD capsule for pain management and other effects

There are CBD capsules available in the market for the patients who are not comfortable with the taste of plant in their mouth. However, Chiropractors are commonly suggesting their patients have CBD capsules. The reason is that there are many patients who are suffering from chronic muscular pain that cannot be dealt with without the help of some medication. It is important for the muscles to be relaxed, so Chiropractors can use their techniques and avoid any kind of wear and tear.

That is why they suggest the patients take capsules for some time to assure that the pain can be maintained and relieved. After that, they suggest patients get their muscles and bones mobilized so that muscles will come back to their original position. Once done, experts sometimes suggest patients to keep taking CBD capsules, so they will not have to deal with pain again.

Bottom line

Chiropractors assure that they will use the best quality CBD products available in the market. They will only use the certified and reliable products to assure that their patients will not have to deal with any kind of side effects. There are even some experts who are ready to manufacture their own certified CBD infused products to have the assurance that their patients will get the best and reliable products to apply on their body or to consume.


This article was written by an independent and third-party author specialising in CBD, hemp and cannabis research. Any opinion, advice or recommendation expressed in the article does not reflect the opinion of Formula Swiss AG or any of our employees. We do not make any claims about any of our products and refer to our disclaimer for more information.

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