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How CBD can help reduce acne

How CBD can help reduce acne

Acne is the word that can give any person a nightmare. Imagine the pain when you wake up with a pimple on your face that pain is awful and you just want to hide somewhere. When we are witnessed with a pimple on our face we just don’t want to go anywhere instead we find ways to remain at home and restrict our interaction with people. Acne can have a variety of adverse effects on a person. This problem is just not related to teenagers, in fact, every one of us experiences acne at one or other time of our lives. As a matter of fact, 50 millions of American suffered from acne last year, which is a huge number and acne is the second most common skin problem.

Acne can be caused by a number of factors including genetics, hormone, stress and sometimes even without any reason. Acne or pimples usually appears as a result of excessive oil production of the glands which eventually lead to clogging pores. Being such a common problem, acne is also dealt with by a number of procedures and medications but all these procedures have side effects which often worsen the skin condition. One procedure for acne that people are finding helpful is using CBD in any form.

CBD for acne

Cannabidiol often known as CBD is one of the compounds of the cannabisplant. CBD is the cannabinoid of cannabis that has many medicinal benefits. ThoughCBD is mistaken with THC which is a psychoactivecompound, CBD does not have mind changing abilities, which make it a better option for a number of diseases. It has been proved that CBD can be an effective product for epilepsy, skin cancer, asthma, inflammation, arthritis, headaches and many more. The same way CBD is also used for reducing acne and the blemishes of acne. Some people are using CBD for acne and swear by it. Though much evidence is not available in this regard still CBD can help in reducing the effects of acne in a number of ways which are described below.

1. CBD reduces oil production

As we all know that acne is caused by excess oil in the glands. Acne appears when sebaceous glands on the skin produce large quantities of sebum which is then trapped in the hair follicles of the skin causing the skin to irritate and form a lump. 

CBD has been found to control and regulate oil production. As our skin also has cannabinoid receptors, CBD interacts with the CB1and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system and help in promoting homeostasis.

According to a research of the NationalCenter for Biotechnology Information, CBD has the ability to inhibit sebum production which leads to less oily skin and as a result breakouts are stopped.

2. CBD decreases anandamide

A Hungarian study done in 2010 by DrTamas Biro, revealed that CBD, when applied to the skin, reduced anandamide and oil production. Anandamide is a neurological transmitter that is responsible for regulation of cells growth, death and differentiation. Anandamide should be perfectly balanced for the perfect healthy skin.

3. CBD is anti-inflammatory

The team of DrTamas Biro also found that CBD provides anti-inflammatory properties. According to the research, CBD was able to reduce lipid production and produce anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. Less oil production leads to reduced acne and CBD also decreases inflammation ofthe skin which helps to get rid of the redness of the skin.

4. CBD for stress reduction

As stress is also considered as a tremendous reason foracne to beappearing on the skin, various studies have revealed that CBD can be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. It has the ability to interact with thecentralnervous system and help relax the brain. It also increases the production of Serotonin which is a hormone that makes you feel happy. Taking CBD oil supplements or sublingually can help in balancing the hormones in the body and reducing stress.

5. CBD is a better product

DrBiro also suggested that CBD is a better product for acne than various other products available in the market that contains vitamin A which causes the skin to become dry, flaky, itchy and dark. CBD has the ability to target only the defected skin cells while leaving other cells healthy. CBD only affects the sebum-producingskin cells and leave other cells as it is, which does not irritate the skin.

How to use CBD against acne

Most of the researches included the topical use of CBD and many anecdotal pieces of evidencealso mention the topical application of CBD. CBD in the form of creams, balms or salves can be extremely beneficial in reducing the production and effects of acne. Other than that, if you are looking for overallmedical benefits of CBD then you can also consume supplements of CBD oil regularly. It helps in regulating the immunesystem, increases hormone stability, decreases stress and helps with anxiety. All these benefits of CBD oil will lead to diminishing acne on the skin and its blemishes.

CBD oil serums are also used by many people on the skin. Even celebrities are using CBD oil for making skin beautiful and youthful. It also helps in reducing blemishes, scars and wrinkles on the skin that appears as a result of acne.

Final thoughts and CBD against acne

CBD is proved to be an effective option for acne. It does not even have side effects like other medications. Though the application of CBD is not approved by many regulatory authorities butpeople havealready started using it as an acne-busting medication. Additional research and follow-ups are required to approve CBD as a prescriptionmedication for acne. However, people enjoy the use of CBD for curing and healing of many diseases and are obsessed with the results. If people around the world continue using CBD for medical benefits then soon it will make its name in the medical field and no one will be afraid of using it.


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June 11, 2019

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